For Sigma Server, not friendly in social....

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For Sigma Server, not friendly in social....

Postby EAS AGAMEMNON » Wed 13 Sep, 2017 09:58

For Sigma server, I expected my best player and good role model and good strategy and friendly social in guild.

My experience of i have big problem with one or another guilds in Sigma server. Someone asked me for join in guild and I hope guild is good teamwork together but they maybe keep something secret ( farming against us ) and want to ruin my good economy and good average mobile but I notice they're unfriendly, selfishness, egolistcally, evny and greedy such as the competition from typical group was bitter in our guild, it's odd and strangely. They want to tactic me from guild no reason, they're afraid of my power economy and power mobile therefore they make me to go down numbers fleets?

What's the hell wrong with one guild? Guild seem hypocrisy and betrayal, make us hurting???

Real be experiencing in guild is unfriendly as that's all I have say it. If you want to know which one guild? Pm and tell you about it who's they , love or hate socialize in guild.

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Re: For Sigma Server, not friendly in social....

Postby Vault Boy » Wed 13 Sep, 2017 13:08

What the actual *beep*?

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