Sigma swan song

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Re: Sigma swan song

Postby swearengen » Wed 31 May, 2017 15:19

Don't " hate" anyone
Don't give a *beep* about anyone that plays the game

Just comical ppl

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Re: Sigma swan song

Postby atom man » Wed 31 May, 2017 15:47

Well I should have a top 25 fleet count, on my next op. :shhh: :oops: :bleh: :naughty: /facepalm

if you insult me for my 12 year old personality who is the turd, gold member with 22 rep. /facepalm
More IQ than I can articulate. :neutral2:
Sigma Barn come back kid. :whisle: :think: . :clap:
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Re: Sigma swan song

Postby Wlerin » Thu 01 Jun, 2017 09:36

Balor wrote:While I said that I was honorquitting the forum forever, I did not say that I would never post ever again. I suppose the word "forever" may have been too strong, but my intent and plan remains what was stated in the OP.

I am concerned that you may be applying a double standard of secular sinless perfectionism; indeed, that was the core of my criticism in the OP and my reasons for leaving the forum. Instead of "assume the worst," I would suggest that you give grace and benefit of the doubt.

Social media is not just going to go away. If you recognise that you have a problem by all means take it to God and seek counsel from others towards fixing it, even if that means quitting for a time. But Christians as a whole are going to have to learn to stay holy online as well as off (not that the latter is actually any easier).

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Re: Sigma swan song

Postby Pinochle » Mon 12 Jun, 2017 16:26

The funniest thing about most Christians is they celebrate Jesus's birthday (and believe it to be) December 25th

Luke 2:7-8 Shepherds were in their fields at time of Jesus's birth. (paraphrased) It was cold in Judea in December, and shepherds were likely seeking shelter with their flocks etc.

More likely to be in fall (August or September) oh well best way to combine two warring sides is through marriage, so the idea of the pagan santa idea and marry it to when Jesus was born is a great way to gain followers. Course the Santa we follow today is different than the pagan santa idea, but oh well we on the nice list know that santa is real if jesus is real, they share a birthday after all.

Balor, always wanted to honortroll you on the Christian stuff, looks like i missed an opportunity. Find your marriage :)

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Logans Run
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Re: Sigma swan song

Postby Logans Run » Tue 13 Jun, 2017 04:27

Pinochle is soo going to hell.
I will pray for his soul..

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Re: Sigma swan song

Postby SilverKnight » Tue 01 Aug, 2017 02:22

Not your best work Balor. You were better back in Nova
In before lock doesn't count when you are the one asking for it :neutral2: -Themis
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Re: Sigma swan song

Postby Balor » Tue 01 Aug, 2017 06:51

Nova I remember your EARTH guild was our first (and only) ally at the time, when we were vilified by the server with 5 clusters against us. They enfolded with the winning alliance and guilds WKYSB and ACE, and I continue to honor that alliance of years to this day.

I believe that P and R caused the most emotional devastation for the non-Chinese non-Royal AE masses by far. The effect is felt even to this day.

Earlier I was watching Tiny Houses. I thought of Cascadia Chris from Lyra and his girlfriend, who was never an AE person. He retired AE from shortly before my red wedding, but he did sign on Skype briefly after the massacre to express to me his sympathy and surprise that his friend Wykyd had backstabbed. I believe he was honest and so was his surprise also genuine.

I sure hope that they succeeded in building their place out in real Cascadia. Perhaps they also have a kid by now. Never forget that large families of many children are good, despite the ferocity of deception from the professional left.

The thread is Sigma swan song. I think of this post as parallel to Logans goodbye within the Black Widow goodbye thread. I must abandon the project of rabble-rousing my way to 1k posts and 100 reps. I was on the right track with Sigma swan song and I had the right idea. It is appropriate that it would end here, where this long winded farewell series began. A just man falls seven times and rises.

I had to quit cigarettes several times too (that was over 7 years ago) before I finally quit for good. You people will just have to find me on in-game servers somehow or Skype/Discord if it means that much to you.

I think so. That's as good as it gets for a good sendoff. The truth is I don't have the time for this vanity anymore. The true venture - to become a freeholder, a lawyer, and a father - has only just begun. And I am more cocksure (confident) than ever that this will be a rousing success.

I request lock.

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Re: Sigma swan song

Postby Tadesse » Tue 01 Aug, 2017 13:48

You still play?

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Re: Sigma swan song

Postby TheNightKing » Thu 14 Sep, 2017 06:00

Been a while since I checked in on you guys here.

Surprised to see that people are still playing this game.

Trace shielding Balor's back in this thread is a sight for sore eyes :)

Balor's approach has always been confusing to those that did not understand the role that he plays. Those who served in leadership roles under him or alongside him certainly understood his value and sincere desire to create a successful guild.

This game eats souls. It sucks the life out of those who try to organize winning guilds that are also enjoyable to play in.

Props to anyone who has taken on the burden of a GMship in a guild with real players who want nothing more than to profit at the expense of their rivals.

As someone who played with Balor and against him under several different GMs, I can say with certainty that I he's as sharp as any GM around when he's present and active, though the fact that his diction started to stray further from layman and continued to delve into the realm of the more ecclesiastical did not help to strengthen his ability to get through to people LOL.

Most people aren't a fan of parochial undertones no matter how subtle or direct they may be. I get that. People are who they are though I suppose, and Balor is definitely a strange breed, but he means well. People have loved-to-hate him for as long as I can remember. Decisions become easier when you have someone to play the bad guy and scapegoating Balor was usually just an excuse to backstab or zerg to win. It's all part of the game though.

--- Love note from a long lost friend once known as ValarMorghulis or VM

I'll check in to see if you guys are still kicking the next time I have insomnia :P

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Re: Sigma swan song

Postby TRACE » Tue 19 Sep, 2017 23:40

:P Valar how things dude .... i still owe u a sui ... oh wait no we're even :p ... still havnt joint forces for one last blast

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