RIP Sigma you weren't 2ez

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RIP Sigma you weren't 2ez

Postby Slippin » Wed 13 Jun, 2018 03:02

It was a little less easy than we thought it would be when it turned into two clusters vs us but we finally landed the opportunities we needed once WHs popped.

Thanks Rich for taking over after my boring sim fest rule.

Thanks all for sticking through it even after the rec suis in 20s and the rebuild and following two crashes.

Now we can sim in peace if you want to keep hunting to your hearts desire.

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Re: RIP Sigma you weren't 2ez

Postby SICON » Wed 27 Jun, 2018 01:55

Congratulations Jimmy. You earned and deserved this win!

Plundering your trades intermittently (my wife hates this game and has made me quit multiple times) since 2009!
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