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Postby SEWI » Tue 06 Nov, 2018 13:10

let me see...

1) no farmers to be seen across server...

2) orbital planting the whole server at ease...

3) we will queue some excess fleet after, to fool around for those still alive :)

in short....your usual...

of all 33 servers only Drako seems to have a couple of hard headed ASAE fans left to feed us....lol

Same name...same guild...all servers... :biglaugh:
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Re: jadish

Postby SICON » Sun 11 Nov, 2018 09:46

I am still around. Jade has become my retirement server. I had a Levi parked on your capital until that stupid "Unrest" feature you have been crying for forever was added by Wizard. Now you are no longer worth my time...

Plundering your trades intermittently (my wife hates this game and has made me quit multiple times) since 2009!
Always outnumbered AND outgunned. Never outsmarted.

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