Positive turnings at OOTW CountyJail

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Positive turnings at OOTW CountyJail

Postby Mother » Sun 03 Jun, 2012 21:14

I found my son Luke Skywalker.... what a bless.

I hope he forgives me for leaving him and his sis behind, heartbroken and no will to survive to fight for them both.

Luckely I escaped from the Seperativs, who used me as labrat, injected me with alien DNA to heal myself and to come alive.

Still looking for Leia and Anakin/Darth Vader.

I hope they did not take my eggs to duplicate me.... to make a new army of Jedi/Sith Warriors!

The Force knows what they did!

I feel that i am not as I used to be! I have lotsa problems with my hormone household!
I want to mate as much as I can, with different males!

That is not normal for a human being. I think its the Alien DNA responsible for that.

How to keep your womenz:
The man considers his woman as valuable property, and he tries hard to keep her fit and wanting, that is: he turns on the desire for him within her. This is, in fact, the root of true slavery.

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