The Dark Rider(short-story ideas)

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The Dark Rider(short-story ideas)

Postby General Kelzik » Wed 04 Jul, 2012 13:37

I run breathless through a forest, my legs pumping, burning every time they touch the ground. I stop to catch my breath and listen for noises while I try to get my bearings. I was in a place that was indistinguishable from any other forest, even all the trees looked the same to me. I had just caught my breath when I heard a deep, trumpeted blast that echoed throughout. I turn in the opposite direction hoping not to meet whatever made the sound, my legs groaning in protest. I continued on through the forest at a jogging pace for several minutes before hearing a second trumpet blast this time closer, I could almost feel my bones shake from the sheer power of the sound.

Ignoring the pain and continuing on at a faster pace, I felt more than heard the thump of hoofs moving at a fast pace across the ground. As I run I see a light coming from a distant misshapen tree, "FINALLY" I cry. As I near the clearing I realize that I hadn't heard neither the horn nor the hoof beats, and I realize why as I entered. I stop short as I see what has been chasing me sitting in the center of the clearing. He was a rather tall man in a black cloak sitting atop a dark horse, I could see nothing but what he grasped in his hand, a horn and he also wore a sword of some sort on his belt.

I stood there stock still as he lifted the horn to his mouth, what came dropped me to my knees. I covered my ears in vain, only praying it would eventually stop. I lay there for several minutes before I realized it had and as I began to look up I realized the rider now stood over me. He had the sword out now and reached up to roll back his hood. I could not fully believe what I saw, believing I had gone mad or that I was dreaming. After several attempts to prove otherwise the figure continued to stand there glaring at me.

The man with my face looked upon me with disgust, and so proceeded to lift his blade in a sweeping motion to my neck. As I tried to stand, I realized that not did my legs feel but I also couldn't move the rest of my body. I closed my eyes hoping that it be swift.

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