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Postby Zizi17 » Sun 02 Sep, 2012 15:22


Biological Ship

This is a zorg primitive & experiment,he can spilt acid to enemy concentrated acid that can melt the metal like ice exposed to the sun.33 m long 10 m Height and 14 m wide this biological ship is the main ship for primitive zorgs.


This is a metal organic ship,main weapons are powerfully acid,can throw organic bombs(lava bomb) to the enemies.Who commands this ship is generally the brain zorg brains.879 m long,59 m height,349 m wide and the crew is formed by 4300 zorgs a powerfully ship that can penetrate any hulls.

Organic Wasps

They are zorg used as wasps with wing span about 10 m height 5 m,they are generaly used in air for raid bases.They spilt acid and can chop off metal with his wing metal combined.

They have no weapons just spilt acid.

Ground Troops

Zorg Gargantua:3.65-4 m m,2903-4000 kilos this giant can destroy a ship very easy he s used to raid bases and destroy walls rarely when used to kill but they can rip off a body part easy.
Zorg Wasp:2.13 m height.48 kilos zorg wasp is not like organic wasps but he is an search&kill zorg can take the human up to air and let him fly,so simple.
Zorg Brain:1.47 m,184 kilos hes used generrally to command troops by telepathy he is used also at ships.
Zorg Basic:1.80 m,98 kilos so basic zorg he is created by organic materials and he can transform to a Zorg Wasp or Grunt
Zorg Grunt:2 m-2,45 height,220 kilos this ogre is built for war,blood,kill,destroy,assasinate and infiltrate,he carries club axe,he can spilt acid,he can shoot he have intelligence hes the perfect soldiers used as main soldier.
Zorg Behemoth:4 m-5 m height,6000 kilos this monster can reach 10 m if you have luck but hes used mainly guard and killing no mercy and also to ruin an entire city or big base 6000 kilos of pure muscle he can kill all big base.Rarely if you see this monster,hes bigger that gargantua.


HeliChopper Spaceshuttle
This spacecraft is built for special operations this ship generaly carries a crew of 9-16 humans at a length of 56 m height 34 m 20 m wide this ship is almost perfect the main weapon are 2x railguns.

Federation Cruiser
Rare to saw one cruiser like this but it generally carries a crew of 120 members and main weapon is a plasma cannon.304 m long 66 m height 100 m wide this ship have as arsenal 60x RailGuns Turrets 2x plasma cannons 600 Bombs 1 bomb is 500 kilos of TNT is a good bomber and territorial defender.

Danube StarCruiser
Its a large type of cruiser created and developed by R.S.P.A This 267 m long ship is used by millitaries as the 2nd biggest ship in size of earth and the crew is of 500 soldiers because of its wide.This ship have 10x plasma turrets 2 x Bernard RailGuns 1x Photon Phaser.

S.A.S Corvette
Built by S.A.S for operations is a medium ship about 104 m long 55 m height 32 m wide can carry 34 humans and 3 nuke bombs combined about 6000 kilos of tnt.Is the special ship of the Human Federation.

AK-47-old machine gun
K-227:Its a big machine gun with bullets about 12 cm long and weight about 4 kilos this can bust an alien from outta space.
Bernard 3000:Rocket Launcher created by S. Bernard. 35 kilos when fully loaded its used for siege bases and usually for war.
MK-13 Laser Rifle:Tech stole from asmodeusians this weapon is used now by humans to defend not much to said about this but,it can take down a Zorg Grunt by 2-3 shots.
Gyrusat gun:Created by E.D.A and developed by S.A.S this pistol have plasma or energetic as bullet its a project not out but still a project...
M.A.D.E :M stands for machine ,A for and and,D destroy,E enemies.Its a nuke rocket launcher very powerfully

Troop Forces

Millitary Basic:1.70-1.80 m tall this is the basic millitary with smg and nades basic soldier.
Millitary S.A.S machinegunner:1.7-1.9 m tall this is the S.A.S machine gunner carries knives and a HMK-2012 trained to bust aliens.
Millitary Special Trooper:1.8-2m tall those peoples are special being like commandos on the line bombing alien basses and doing all the job alone using all arsenal...Very trained and expert in guns and bombs
Millitary Officer:1.7-2m tall,hes the veteran of the army hes for commanding the troops and co-ordinates.
ED-209: 2.5m tall 500 kilos of metal,this is a mech he can be auto or manual commanded he have 2 Minnies at arms and a laser pointer to hunt down the alien.This robot was created by E.D.A.
Valiant:Created by Crimson and E.D.A 3m tall 2500 kilos of titanium this is the better version of ed-209 being a killing machine and built for war and blood.Can carry 2 peoples in and have 4 avenger miniguns 2 on arm 2 on other and 2x rocket launchers.

Special Groups ,Corporates
E.D.A-Earth Defence Association a big company corporate millitary with 11.000.000 soldiers who are the biggest company on earth.the main city is New Ark located in nevada.

S.A.S-a big millitary group with 760.000 soldiers and advanced weapons the main base is in New York Ruins other bases in California,Washington,Mexico,Europe,Africa.

L.A.W-A corporate creating warships over 560.000 scientists and builders woorking for creating weapons and design ships.The main base is San Francisco other bases in Alaska ,Colorado,and Europe U.K.

S.F.E-Special forces of earth is a millitary group with over 650.000 soldiers Main base is in Chicago undergrounds bunker, other bases are in Nebraska
G.S.G-A millitary group with over 590.000 soldiers trained for special operations Main Base is in a mountain bunker other bases are in
R.S.P.A-A corporate millitary with 400.000 scientists and 90.000 soldiers best known for Danube StarCruiser builded over 130 Danube Starcruisers,and for its genius S. Bernard.
Crimson Robotics-a corporate with 445.000 scientists built 10000 Valiants and ED-209
is a corporate creating weapons and armors for the soldiers in war

DraLon Type BattleShip(Main battleship of Asmodaeus alliance)

This ship is the main battleship for the fleet.It has good speed good power,also you can use on the weak attacks but this 1,280 m sized ship is only for the officers of the Fleet begin with the Advenced Captains.Also the main weapon is a disruptor-plasma type B laser who can make big damages to any weak shielded or weak armored ships.
This ships has 500x Disruptor Cannons and very good shielded,the armor is made by HidroMetal a composition who can defend this ship from 900x plasma turrets for 5 minutes then it can make boom.
About the engines are balanced because they are faster The Galaxy Drive can transport resources between galaxies in hours.

Therock Type S Battleship(Special Battleship used in many ways)

This ship was named by a great warrior of the alliance.This ship is the tactical battleship of the empire,it has good quality range about 12000 kilometers because of the advanced long range disruptor cannons and the Range Tech.The main weapon of this ship is an advanced Ion Laser Blaster with advanced ion technology they can destroy and jamming a fleet with 50 ships.This 1,900 meters ship is only used by the high ranked Advanced Tactical Captain in the tactical fleet.it has 900x Ion Turrets advanced ion turrets with the range and it can make huge damages to a 1,280 m ship or EVEN a 4500 m ship.This ship was made by an Silicon Titanium armor it can carry 2000x plasma shots.And about the shield the shield is advanced the GeN-3000 XY0 shield is very good it can regenerates himself and it can carry 50000x Plasma Shots.This ship can be used to destroy,attack,conquer,or even make craters on planet.

Comorado Star Destroyer type C(This ship can be used to conquer and defend)

This ship is a in-need for the empire.It's a special destroy who can destroy an entire fleet by a 3 Destroyers attack.This ship was created by technician Xarodon an odaeus male who created this ship in year 1102,this ship was stoled from odaeus and be created on asmodeusian orbital shipyards in year 1337.The main weapon is a Disruptor Plasma laser beam when it contacts an 3000 m sized ship with weak defenses and weak armor it can be crushed easy it's fire rate is 5 shots per second.This 4500 m sized ship is used by Major Lt.Captains of the fleet.With the 1560 Disruptor Laser Guns with dark matter ammo it can make craters on 23.000 km sized planet.This power can destroy all things at a contact.The armor is very heavy because of the Black Titanium Silicon it can resist for 4 hours at the 1000x plasma cannons.The shield is also very good because this ship uses Uranium Crystals who give much power to resist a 5000x plasma lasers.This ship can be used to defend planets to destroy this is exactly the empire needs!Go to buy it.

Kardon Type SSM battleship(This ship can be used to destroy fleets)

This ship was the head of fleet in galaxy war year 120 to 1102.The ship was created by many Scientists in year 119 to discover the supreme weapon.The main weapon is a Plasma Cutter advanced in year 1337 by scientist Jam the abilities was to destroy the hulls of the weak shielded ship at a range of 5600 km the weapon was really a deadly thing for any race even aliens.This 1,600 m sized ships was used by the old officers of the fleet now isn't used any time these ships are old,no one uses them now only the independent races,rarely by asmodeusians.The armor was good created by Titanium Mineral it was able to resist at 500x plasma cannons.And the shield was very good because the same material the Golden Crystals are rare now because of the mining the shield was able to resist 1 hour to attacks like 1000x Plasma rail guns shots.This ship is for the history.Rarely when someone uses them.


Kaledon Type S Carrier(Used to carry big fighters)

This ship is the main carrier in use by Asmodeus.In any battle they transport big fighters this is exactly the empire needs!In year 1000 an scientist created this carrier alone without members,he was very succesfully because the days was so long 768 days was needed to create this ship.The main weapon of this ship is Plasma Gauss beam it can damage even a 1600 m ship because it launches 100 tons of plasma rockets about 3000000 *C.This 7800 m ship is used by Merchant Captains of fleet with a crew about just 120 to operate this ship and 4500 big fighters can be deposited in board.The 10x Disruptors-Ion Beams don't make high damages but it jams and penetrate shields.The armor is very good because it's armor is made by 1000 tons of Gold Titanium who can resist at 10000x Plasma shots.And the shield is good to because the Golden Crystals they aren't that rare and real one they are just the common ores it can resist at 5000x Plasma shots.This ship is exactly the empire needs.

Galeon Type Commercial Carrier(This is used to carry resources to any planet)

This ship is the main transport of empire.To year 990 to 2078 they are used to transport 900000 tons of resources.This ship can transport 1 mil crystals 1 mil metals 1 mil fuel.The main weapon is just a jammer to be not detected upgraded minning gauss laser it can destroys even a ship it used to mine resources from space 9000 m asteroids etc.This 45 km ship is used by Grand Merchants Captains.The crew is just about 30 peoples to operate.The armor is advanced the Uranium Titanium Crystals it can take 45000x Plasma hits.The shield also it can carry 15600x Disruptor damage this shield is very advanced because of modified Gold Crystals.This is the empire who need this.

Solace Fighter Type SF-3x Series(This attack ship can be used in many ways)

This ship is the main big attack ship of empire.This ship has 2x Distruptor laser beam and 50x Heavily Energy Disruptor black blasters this can make this ship to destroy an 1000 m ship with weak defenses.The armor is also advanced because of Titanium Rare Ore who make this ship to resist at 500x Disruptor shots.And the shield is balanced because it has normaly crystals it can resist at 100x Plasma shots.

Phoenix Fighter Type ER-1000(Attack ship,weak shields,fast,long ranged)

This ship is main fighter of the empire it carries a crew of 12 people very small weak shields 80 m long but fast and powerfully its damage power can take down a medium to big sized ship its designed to destroy everything...But,why not buy it?

Phoenix Fighter Type ER-1337(Medium Attack Ship,Fast,Long ranged,Strong shields)

This is the advanced version of the fighter 125 m long it can be operated by a crew of 30 or even 2 it damages big ships and fast long range its the good raiding ship 2 things u need to buy it Damages almost like a Dralon BattleShip The hull its like a carrier and its fast.
Plasma Gun-What i can say it melts every metal
Ionic Rifle-The ion of this rifle can gun down every one easy you just need experience
Gattling Laser-Its earth-like weapon made in 2000 BC very old but still taking down monsters
Melter-This is the high ranked asmodeusians weapon only a asmodeusian can take this.
Troop Forces
Asmodeusian Basic Trooper-1,80-2,20 m small and basic not even in the average zone but powerfully and experienced with bombs
Asmodeusian Elite Trooper-2,10-2,45 m you need height and other things to be elite not just height you need experience 10 years in army this troop is like a commando of Asmodeusians
HAME-6,70 m tall 4000 kilos this is a mech used by asmodeusians in the Galaxy Wars and now.
HAME II -10 m tall 10000 kilos this is the better and experienced version of HAME it can fly at 20000 m high the speed is a airplane average at flying.Its made of gold uranium and seprom image that 10000 kilos of strength power operated by 1-2 asmodeusian.
Asmodeusian Collosus-2,70-3,20 m tall is a large trooper only large asmodeusian can join this type it can crush things this is simple for him but some rocket launcher cant put him down.
Asmodeusian Tactical-2,10-2,60 this is the average asmodeusian basic but powerfully he can hand 2 gattling laser guns with 1 hand its like a ravager.
Asmodeusian Hunter-2,20,2,70 Only some asmodeusians giants can be hunter and be experienced with ships engineering bombs and guns and you will hunt down the prey.

Alion Craft
Big sized ship used in InterGalactic Wars by alions in average range 702 m long with powerfully guns long ranged and fast operated by one alion because the rest of ship is armed to teeth.
The Blob
Bioship used to absorb ships in it and acid them its like zorg but bigger 1000 m total because its a sphere operated by 5 alions
Alion 39817312 Command Ship
This is the main ship of alions used by boss alions 67.000 m long and 10.000 wide,35,472 depth this is a powerfully ship in galaxy this ship is rare some aliens have seen it 721 times in total between years 1000-2078 and still seen we don't know its damage but we know the crew could be around 50.000 Alions
Alion Biostar
The metal version of blob its moon-sized ship it destroyed planets some aliens of galaxy have seen one it was huge but did not attack.Its a mystery this ship can destroy an entire Planet.
Troop Forces
Alion Boss-10m 1000 kilos tall big and strong no need of weapons they can break your neck easy this is the hive mind of alion there can be in total 7 million alion bosses in the galaxy.
Alion Citizen-2-3 m talll in average zone this is a citizen but still can kill all the humans alone its musculature can kill humans
Alion Behemoth-5 m tall and 890 kilos this is a monster perfect killing aliens

Sinjid X3-3-0 BattleCrUISER(Strong,powerfully,slow)
This large sized ship is the main ship of odaeus started build around years 1543 and still in building this 2000 m long ship have the power of a DraLon Battleship where this ship is like a DraLon but bigger the crew is about 900 members.

Aion Dreadnought(Strong,long ranged)
This is 6700 m ship started built begining with 2076 when earth was evolving odaeusians builded 1000 ships like this and 10 ships every month.This have the power 10x times than a DraLon and the hull 14x times than a asmodeusian carrier this is used for conquering planets.

Odaeus StarCruiser
This ship was used in years 800 to 1000 it was used generally to rebel to asmodeusians.This 659 m ship was weak compared to asmodeusians not anymore in build but still used by their merchants.And still used by retro captains in wars because it's cheap.

Odaeus Craft
Like the starcruiser it was used to rebel 20 m long this ship is really small but makes damages like a big to medium ship because of its weapons the crew is made only of 1-2 members.Still in build.

New production of odaeus in year 2078 this ship is 200 m long its fast long ranged.The main option to use this ship is to destroy bigger ships and bombing planets
Troop Forces
Odaeus Sword Master-1,70-1,90 m tall below average zone this is a small unit but knows how to handle swords and killing with silence he mastered the sword arts the old sword arts and silenced guns.
Odaeus Engineer-1,70-1,90 m tall hes used to repair damages in battle altough he is small like a human he can kill with a bazooka
Odaeus Commando-1,80-2 m tall this is the special soldier can destroy an entire fleet with no help hes mastered in all Odaeus arts and guns hes used specialy killing,assasinate,destroying big fleets.
Odaeus Basic-1,70-2,00 m He is the main soldier of army the basic one like many others he carries 12 High Voltage grenades 1 Photon Rifle 2 Berreta Laser Guns.
Odaeus Hunter-2,13-2,45 m tall and 150 kilos hes the elite troop of ground forces well trained hes a killing machine carries 1 Plasma Minigun,2 electric sabers 1 Photon Sniper and 50 High Voltage Nades hes the perfect weapon.
Plasma Minigun-Long range multi shoots and the pure and best quality plasma this is the top gun of odaeus since they are the best weapon makers.
Electric & High Voltage Saber-Do you watch star wars?Well this weapon can cut off someone like a butter easy.
Photon Sniper-The impact when it touches something its like its melts and destroy everything by one shoot this is elite weapon.
High Voltage Nade-Odaeus are generally tech advanced because they create good weapons like this when thrown and impact it electrocutes everything if there is a humanoid in zone this makes him to be a skeleton.

Titan Ships
Andromeda Class Protector
This 3600 m long ship is the elite of Titan army equipped with highly concentrated plasma and ion cannons can 'rape' the shield very easy.

Titan Star
This ship is not in use but i tell from the past it generally was built 25 millions years ago moon-sized spheric used by anicent titans equipped with a large Blaster Ionic.And over 250,000 Photon Plasma combined cannons this was a fortress also it was fast for its size the crew said it was over 7,500,000 members the ship was a fortress no one can touch it but who destroyed it?

NG2319 Defender
This 12.000 m long 5000 depth 6700 wide ship is the curent capital ship of Titans over 50,000 powerfully cannons this ship is the best of their ships.
Troop Forces
There are no troop forces
Mental weapon their brain.

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