Know your Enemy.

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Know your Enemy.

Postby Dark Irish Potato » Wed 05 Sep, 2012 12:09

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[OOC] A hundred years of warfare has torn the very fabric of the universe, with human kind divided into two. One one side, the Senate of Independent States fights to maintain self government and freedom, faced with the cruelty of the Mar'Gu Dominion, who has consumed all in it's path, enslaving entire regions of the galaxy. A rapid turn of events has lead to the SIS pushing the Dominion further and further back, eventually capturing the Mar"Gu capitol, and fueling a revolt of the enslaved systems, eventually ending the war. All is not well however, as hidden danger threatens to rip apart the new found peace from within.

Join as you wish and do as you wish, just try not to make things get out of hand, like an inter-race war that tears apart the universe. I am aiming to focus on a political/administration side to the story along with life on the revolting planets, not just pre-war battleships. [/OOC]
Blue eyes stared back at him, framed with grey hair and skin that was starting to form wrinkles. Commodore Juan Flinder gazed aimlessly into the MFCD that jutted from the panel in front of him, not bothering to read the data presented to him. His mind wandered without direction, without purpose. This happened more and more as the war dragged on. For eighty years he had been on this ship, aging at a third of the rate of those back home. How he missed home. The known universe had been at war for a hundred years. More than half of the men who had passed through the RS Dominon had developed Kreig's Syndrome, more commonly know as space insanity. As every day passed, Juan feared more and more that he would reach the same fate. It had been more than thirty years since his Markus II Class Battleship had seen combat. Since then it had just patrolled without any sight of the enemy bloc.

"Sir, message from Fleet Command, sending it through now", came a monotone voice from his right.

The morale of the ship was low, but what could the he do? No one had stepped foot on solid earth in years, and that was what they crew yearned for. Command would have non of the Commodore's requests.

Juan flicked lazily and the screen and the message from command popped up on screen. He scanned it quickly. He stopped. He scanned it again. His eyes widened. He

"No, it can't be. Are you sure this is from Command?", he urged the Communications Officer.

"Certain sir, why?"

For the first time in years Juan sprung into life and rushed to the ship's PA system. The rest of the crew on the bridge startled by his rapid movement, something they had not seen for countless years.

"All hands, all hands hear your Commodore", rung out the PA. "At 102 hours Universal Management Time on the 18th day of 17081UY, Marines from the 802nd Viper Battalion secured the city of Mar' Anug, Capitol of the Planet Xellineth, Kasper System. At 294 hours UMT, the Confederate of Fringe Systems declared independence from the Mar' Gu Dominion, and requested to rejoin the Senate of Interdependent Systems, rebelling against the Mar'Gu. At 359UMT of the 21st day of 17081UY, the Mar'Gu Dominion surrendered to the SIS."

A tremendous roar surged down the hallways of the ship, engulfing all those whom it passed. The cheers of ten thousand crewmen filled the silence that had moments before filled the RS Dominion. After three minutes, the ruckus had subsided and Juan said only a few more words.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the war is over".

The roar once again surged throughout the ship, and once more it engulfed every man and woman aboard.

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Re: Know your Enemy.

Postby Jarhead » Sat 08 Sep, 2012 01:24

The head security officer of the newly-elected Prime Minister of the Confederacy of Fringe Systems leaned against the bulkhead of his liege's room, watching quietly as the statesman adjusted his ceremonial collar.
"This is a glorious day for our government," Began the Minister.

"The people rejoice at their new found freedom from under the heels of those wretched swine." He turned from the mirror to look at Rok, his silvery eyes shone with glee. Rok smiled back, unconvincingly. The Minister frowned at him.

"You must be able to express joy if you wish for the people to do so as well." He said, crossing the room to his foot locker. Rummaging around he returned to the mirror with an amulet, an old family heirloom. The Minister had been elected by a council of Fringe System elders years ago, as a figurehead for the underground effort. Despite the fact that people all across the system knew his name, he had never made a public address or been able to appear presidential by any means.

Doing so would have meant death before the events of last night.

Rok watched as the minister fiddled the catch of the amulet. Standing up straight he crossed to behind the minister.

"Let me help you sir." He said, his voice deep. His ebony hands took up the necklace and his eyes found the Minister's in the mirror.

He smiled. The Minister's smile froze on his face, before disappearing completely. His eyes widened. "Rok-" he began, but was cut off.

Rok strangled the old man with his own necklace, before stashing the body in the locker and sealing it. He marched into the corridor, where he came face to face with a guard wearing the Fringe System's coat of arms. He nodded.

"It is done. The wheels have been set in motion."

The two men disappeared from the capitol building. They were last seen at a hangar outside the capital boarding a mining vessel.


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