Revolt in SA Empire Colony 332-17. Story told by SA Marines

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Revolt in SA Empire Colony 332-17. Story told by SA Marines

Postby Loki Thor » Thu 13 Sep, 2012 05:51

CLASSIFIED By the order of Chancellor Palpatine. Date 23BBY
Height of the Clone Wars.
Outer Rim || 47X-3 || E7C-7A || 332-17

Atmospheric Composition 78% Nitrogen, 21% O2, and 1% Trace gases
Surface Temperature 387.13 Kelvin

Location of Mission Debrief: Altitude 1,287ft.
Planet Grid: Alpha 771
"All fire teams, this is Command. Hostiles have taken the Sky fire Battery,
we have a team pinned down by the control room and will not hold without
reinforcements. We're gonna encircle from the west to buy them so time.
Intel reports from SA Navy will ensure a strike from low orbit, so move fast."
"LZ's coming in hot" said Trooper TK-668
I fired my Sub MG at the Rebel whom was firing a Long MG at our Drop Ships
"Go. Go." I ordered the platoon to engage Rebel snipers from approx. 3k above our current position. At which they were on top of the Sky Fire Battery.
Bravo team was pinned down by sniper fire. Charlie 336, which was our Armor Platoon was dealing with Rebel Anti-Armor platoons.
Then the trooper at 3 meters ahead of me took one in the head by snipers.
"Charlie 336, take out those sentries!" the order was given by me, as I went into cover by Steel Barricades which prevented our Armor from getting through, it had to be lowered manually.
"Roger, Alpha Niner. Commencing fire on Sentry-Tango Alpha 7734."
Then the blast from our Armor was deafening from 10 meters as the turret was destroyed.
A Rebel engineer, armed with a Hyperion RPG was fired at me. As I ducked for cover, I took some damage by the Barricade's shrapnel.
"Bravo team to Alpha Niner, take out those Damm Snipers."
I continued firing at the balconies of the Sky Fire Battery where a Platoon of Rebel snipers were focused on us instead of Bravo team.
"Copy that." I said while breathing heavily from the RPG Blast.
As I dashed toward the street, while taking a barrage of lasers I get a chilling discovery...The Rebels have armed the Sky Fire Battery
"Command to Alpha Niner, we have incoming fire from the Sky fire Battery via planetside at 100%." All the communication channels were jamming my eardrums, I didn't know which orders I was given.
"Gunner 321 we are going down."
"Sky Fire battery is launching its anti-orbital cannon in..."
I looked up at the Immense Pyramid shaped turret that was built to destroy ships at low Geostationary orbit. That's when it hit me, as I took one to the abdomen. I fell to the ground from sniper fire. The medic then tended to me, as my body was dragged away toward a Drop ship. Then I went unconscious.
The Mission was a Failure. We've failed to destroy the Sky Fire battery in time. There was too much resistance on Colony 332-17.

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