Kiya: Start of a Romance

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Kiya: Start of a Romance

Postby Lord Ted » Mon 22 Oct, 2012 20:52

The days grew longer, and all she dreamed of seeing were nights. Nights were her uncle the great Lord of Grechins. The way he smiled at her, and lifted her spirit if it had dwindled. The way he had a grasp on the world around him, and made time for her. She missed her Uncle dearly. The power she was born into, the religion she led from a young age, it just emptied her. She would give it up for the memories of her Uncle to be current. Tears fell from her eyes when she thought back to when she was happy, long before she commanded millions as the Queen of Grechins. The dress she wore hadn't covered up her sadness, she noticed, as a guard approached her. The handsome one that has protected her since she was young, one of the few that stayed loyal when Norkin came to power.

She waved him off, but he didn't halt, he was one of the few guards that knew that some orders weren't to be followed. In many ways he was her older brother. Her sat next to her in the courtyard surrounded by trees and flowers of the garden preparing for Fall. "My Queen, you thinking of him again?" She didn't respond she clasped into her hands as the tears began to flow out of her. "Kiya my dear," he placed his hand on her back assuring her she had a shoulder to cry on. "Shall I call for your mother? Or just tell you about him more?"

Through her hands and tears Kiya managed to speak the word, "Yes."

The guard ordered another guard to get Eliz, her mother. "Kiya, your Uncle, the Lord, your Father was many things to you, but he was also something to many more people. However he was unable to see that himself. He always pushed himself to see more, but he had always failed, always pursued harder and harder. Your Uncle dealt with depression often. He was very lost, very smart, but still very lost. The first thing he said to me was, 'If I am ever so stricken to die that I get my sword in the middle of the night, you have permission to knock me out.' He loved you very much as well since the second thing he said to me, and this was after you started living with him and I was still very young, 'if I am ever taken from power and she isn't given it I want you to take her far from Grechins.' He knew what he was doing preparing for the worst. He just didn't predict Norkin from placing my unit far from you just before he took over." Kiya looked into his eyes. "You were the star of his life. Even if you weren't the true Queen."

Kiya embraced the guard with a hug, and the guard hugged her back. "Don't ever leave me again."

"I won't," the guard replied.

(Kiya is about 14, and the guard is 25. Guards start working in service of the Queen or Lord at the age of 10)

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Re: Kiya: Start of a Romance

Postby AggressiveTurtle » Tue 06 Nov, 2012 21:40

Epic just epic

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