RP: Nexus Wars

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RP: Nexus Wars

Postby ErexMalren » Sun 11 Nov, 2012 23:29

You have been given a ship from one of two governments. One The Galactic Alliance, a government for the good. While the United Rebel Front a terror organization has attacked and destroyed countless Outpost ships, and trade vessels. Choose a government.

- No double posting
- No killing of other characters without permission of user.
- Leviathans and deathstars are not allowed except during story archs(GM post).
- No God moding or you will not be liked. No blinking eyes and planets and fleets blow up.
- You command a single ship not a fleet. You may create a fleet with other players.
- Use basic forum rules, no vulgar language unless its absolutely necessary to the post.
- All in-game weaknesses apply. No special addons to ships without permission.
- Be respectiful, and if you got ideas put them in parenthesis. And when you post double space.

Allowed Ships:
-Anything up to a Titan.

Character Sheet:
Ship Name:
Shipy Type:
Government: Galactic Alliance, or URF(you may have one character per government)

Any ideas

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Re: RP: Nexus Wars

Postby Canaris » Fri 16 Nov, 2012 15:37

(( Characteristics of the character or the ship? ))


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