Queen Kiya's Effects on Religion and Politics in Grechins

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Queen Kiya's Effects on Religion and Politics in Grechins

Postby Lord Ted » Thu 21 Feb, 2013 19:54

After Kiya's original issues in politics at the start of her monarch her ruling over the realm was still not a time of much peace, especially in the senate, however there was much progress towards a Grechins with a true Republic. Whilst that sounds destructive to the theology of the state, the way it occurred the theology progressed to the point that a Queen ruling Grechins wasn't required. This change in theological thinking also came after Lord Ted's rule.

Kiya gained power at a young age after her uncle, Lord Ted, died in battle and was deemed the hero of Grechins. Her young age and the senates known dislike for the family almost entirely took her out of power and killed her. Her Mother came to her rescue as the senate was in uproar declaring the legitimacy of the change of power, and threatened the use of her father's army from Tressur. Once Kiya's power settled however she went about things rather oddly for the traditions of Grechins. Grechins historically were passive, but overly protective over the tribes that claimed loyalty to Grechins, Kiya went about things different. It was her hope to grow out Grechins sphere of influence and deepen the connection, and keep the different tribes organized to the will of Grechins. With that said, she wanted to completely take over the tribes and make them into cities based around the control of her ruling. This required war, diplomacy, and religious conversion of hundreds of tribes, and millions of people.

The threat from Tressur that any tribe not allied to Grechins would be enslaved helped Grechins ease many tribes into submission as long as they could have their leaders still in power, which the Queen accepted at a price of higher taxes. Something that pushed those tribes into becoming a less farm focused culture to a industrial focus, and Grechins happily supplied them with technology and city builders of all kinds, road builders, architects, and construction managers to name a few. This transition cost Grechins many resources but gained them a larger central military, and better funding, this trade off is viewed as the best thing that Kiya was able to do during her time as Queen.

The tribes that didn't initially turn either decided to ignore the issue, or rally forces to war. Those who ignored half of them were taken by Tressur within a month, and the other half finally fell into Grechins. Those who rallied to fight though were completely ignored by Tressur. Tressur more or less didn't care for the slaves, but wanted to see Grechin soldiers died. It's said that the King of Tressur sent a message to Kiya that read, "now we are done fighting your wars, thanks for the slaves, your soldiers time to die." Kiya was careful about which general she sent because she wanted few to die from both sides, and a strong arm type of action.

She looked towards her most diplomatic of generals to take up the task to pacify resistance, this general was Izauni. Through Izauni the rest of the tribes were talked out of fighting, and were able to splinter off the resistance force with ease, and it ended that only three tribes stood across the battlefield effectively wiping out the land of all resistance, leaving a new world pushed into commerce and industry, thus providing less of an advantage for Grechins and Tressur in the long run. It was this point of history that is called the "Golden Age." This age lasted a century, however towards the end of Kiya's reign it was obvious that the government of Grechins would be overrun.

The political mindset of the era during the age was that of revolution against kings, and queens. Thus the monarchs of Tressur and Grechins became obsolete. That will be a later historian note though, this one will primarily focus on Kiya's reign. At the end of Kiya's reign the religion faltered almost as quickly as the tribes were pulled into peace, as the limits of Grechins expanded to allow the newly made industrial tribes into the rule, and with this the religious focus of the empire fell apart. Grechinism and the worship of a monarch fell to the way side. The people respected Kiya thus her reign was peaceful towards the end, but open revolution began after her death.
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Re: Queen Kiya's Effects on Religion and Politics in Grechin

Postby Wlerin » Thu 21 Feb, 2013 23:31

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