Xenos Shall Rise Again... [WIP]

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Xenos Shall Rise Again... [WIP]

Postby EyesofMarch » Tue 05 Mar, 2013 21:27

The Nova Galaxy was a dangerous place.. Especially for their kind. It seems with the utterly rapid expansion of the Human Race throughout the universe; no non-humans really had a chance in truly gaining a foothold in the stars.

The Kal's were different, though.

Never in their history, not since the Unification War that united the underwater metropolises of the aquatic Kal people with their colonies upon land, nor the utterly destructive Great War that united the Kal'Bavakorians against the religious Zealotry Rebels after their murder of the High Emperor and his Grand Council, had the Republic of Kal'Bavakor, and all of her people, faced such a murderous enemy as this. The Un' System had been free; a haven for it's billions of Kal'Bavakorian Frontiersmen and women, and it's Empress and her Grand Army of the Republic to practice their slave-trading, their Organic Intelligence construction, their Trials of Passage.. To live life under the great regime as they saw fit.

The Humans did not agree though. They saw the resources; the slavery, and the different ways of the Kals. No no, they did not stop to think about the simularities between them, like their love of children. They didn't stop to think as they slaughtered the girls and boys, crushing unhatched Kal eggs beneath their armored feet. The Republic Navy, in all it's glory and might.. Was no match. The Un' System was decimated, and the xenophobic humans had conqueored the once grand Kal'Bavakorian people with ease..

For awhile.

It had taken time.. It had taken years in fact! Two hundred years, the entire lifespan of a Kal'Bavakorian, was how long it took before the proud people rose again, and eradicated the human colonists; crushing their skulls in with the Kal people's superior physical strength and intelligence. They had lost billions in the uprising, entire planets eradicated.. But their pride had been returned. And while the Kal people may be corned upon a single moon, deep within' the darkness of space..

They will rise again.


Into to my first empire I'm making in the Nova Galaxy. Not much, sort of just a boredom thing.. But it's sorta cool :D

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Re: Xenos Shall Rise Again... [WIP]

Postby MagisterSek » Wed 03 Apr, 2013 01:57


The only good xenos is a dead xenos. Xenos are an abomination in the Emperor's eyes and should be purged as soon as they are encountered. They are insidious and disgusting, resenting humanity's holiness and purity.

Xenos are a mockery of the human form. At best they are to be pitied for their ignorance and unholiness. However, this is no excuse to spare them. Every xenos still alive is one more xenos that will inevitably either kill humans who are innocent and blameless, or give birth to more xenos who will do the same.

The Emperor protects the righteous. The righteous purge the xenos. Therefore, as long as a soldier has fire and faith in his heart, he will always prevail against the xenos.


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