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Roleplay Website

Postby ErexMalren » Wed 20 Mar, 2013 00:21

Incoming Hail.....
/// Secure Channel....Activated
A hooded man comes on the view screen of your ship and starts to talk.

Man:"Hey guys I got a friend who is allowing me to use his site for an Roleplay its at Star Corps RP Its an astro empires Roleplay in the Omeris galaxy, an alien race known as the Syn parasitic has taken the galaxy by storm due to an Jump gate activating at a wormhole. So if your intrested in it you can come here to Roleplay as well as its one continous roleplay, its set before the events of Astro Empires, so the Omeris Galaxy is unknown. You take the role of a captain of a single ship no fleet controls, but with other members make up a fleet to fight the Syn and among other enemies. No guilds are present yet."

////End transmission.

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