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I am Fel Augustine

Postby Fel Augustine » Sat 13 Jul, 2013 16:04

I am Fel Augustine. I was taken from a scorched planet at birth, family dead, give to others as a slave, moved about, finally gained freedom. I have been fighting all of the Guilds since I was a boy. First as a pupil to a pirate, then on my own. My squadrons destroy scouts, corvettes, recyclers, and any lone straggler I find. Without mercy I attack all the guilds until I drive them out. My bases are all underground and from deep caverns we continue to build and deploy mosquitoes to bite the ankles of elephants.

I have no fear of guilds. I have no fear of great admirals who command mighty fleets no matter your legend. I fight for all free men who refuse to wear the [] brackets about their necks.

I accept no peace until all the guilds have withdrawn.

Your bases are fortresses beyond my reach, but soon all forces which you use to attempt occupations will be destroyed.

Remember my name,

Fel Augustine


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