Hall of Righteous, 2009

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Hall of Righteous, 2009

Postby Silver_Surfer » Mon 02 Jun, 2014 06:50

I'm in the HALL OF THE RIGHTEOUS, at my assigned post at the podium, facing the central pews full of Black Shirts, they are buzzing with excitement, as rumor has it, Lord Halo himself may appear at our weekly solemn meeting, as many of the suppressed Alpha minions are taking seats in the back pews, with the [SA] Mercenaries assigned seats in the upper gallery. (Acting Sergeant of Arms, Captain Galactus., comes running up: "I don’t believe it, its true!! its true!! He is here, he is really here!!!, we are all so honored!".)

(THE CALL TO ORDER) Surfer: Attention!! Attention!! Come to Order, (I'm slamming the gavel down again and again) Come to Order, .. .. My Friends, please come to order. We are so honored and blessed this day, as His Majesty, Lord Halo, Ruler of the Universe, Commander of the 13th Wolf Guard, is here today, in person. (Loud Hurrahs are heard uproariously from the Black Shirt pews, raucous pandemonium breaks out with in the upper gallery, the Mercenaries just can not control themselves, as the low level warriors and the suppressed Alpha minions in the back pews begin throwing up their arms in worshiping glee, many coming to tears, hands clasped in homage, as I start slamming the gavel down again and again.)

(THE ENTRY) Order!! Order!!! Order!!! ALL RISE!!! Sergeants of arms, you may usher in the dignitaries. (Acting Sergeants of Arms Captains Galactus., and Captian lead the dignified precession, with serious faces, for the solemn occasion, walking slowly in the middle isle toward the altar, ushering in the black robed justices of THE CHANCELLERY COURT THE RIGHTEOUS, lead by the Very Right Honorable Chief Judge, Mr. Fantastic, followed in turn by Right Honorable Associate Justices Thing, Human Torch, and lastly, the most beautiful Invisible Woman, as Sergeant of arms, Captian lastly seating Invisible Woman, what?, hhmmm, he took a long stare at her tush in the process, well that's Captian for ya, the justices seated in the front pew. Then there next is Lt. General US Grant, (twice decorated) General in Chief of the Black Shirts, escorted to the commander's desk near the podium. Next in line, by twos, is the IMPERIAL WOLF HONOR GUARD of 13th Wolf Guards, consisting of six wolves with blazing Wolf Guard Flags, and finally, there he is, in person, His Majesty, Lord Halo, walking majestically in his purple imperial robe draped with golden braided doggie leashes drooping, in elegant style, the crowd so quite, struck in awe, as you can hear a pin drop, as all are stunned by his mere presence, as he walks, engulfed in an aura of radiant power permeating the space through which he walks. Honestly, I have goose pimples all over, my eyes blinking, fearing I to may come to tears. He is seated in the throne behind the altar, flanked left and right by the IMPERIAL WOLF HONOR GUARD.

(THE INTRODUCTION) Please be seated. My dear friends, we are honored this day by the presence of his Majesty, Lord Halo, Ruler of the Universe, a ruler of noble power and might, who makes his presence shown this day supporting THE CAUSE, to level the playing field and enforce honorable war, compliant to THE CODE OF CHIVARLY. My friends, this is truly a blessed day, as a formal declaration of WAR by the mighty 13th Wolf Guard has been issued against the evil ones of Alpha. (Hurrahs come up from all the pews, the mercenaries yelling in unison, Halo!, Halo!, Halo!)

Surfer: Order!! Order!! Order!! (The gavel being slammed down repeatedly)

(THE TEACHING) My friends, the villainous foe was asked most politely to remove the suppressive and dishonorable perma KOS over yours truly, but that plea went unheard, by the arrogance of power over the suppressed minions of Alpha. We must be prepared, as noble warriors, to smite the tyrannical enemy, and punish the despicables, vigorously, as is our duty to do, yet, in glorious victory, always accept surrender on generous terms, of any beaten foe. We must never attack lower level players, just for sport, and brutalize the weak, and suppress the young. While our foe did not hear our plea, Lord Halo, in his infinite mercy and noble rule over his domain, did hear our plea. We owe much to our new found benefactor, and he, lord Halo, deserves our praise and worship for his gracious consideration and kind act of deliverance. My friends, let us worship, and repeat with me, Lord Halo, Ruler of the Universe, hear our prayer.

(THE WORSHIP) Let us worship:

We humbly beseech you Lord Halo, to deliver us from the clutches of suppressing evil.


We praise you ole almighty one, that you gloriously lead the 13th Wolf Guard army to a crushing victory over the dastardly foe.


We worship you, ole noble warrior of might, that you may remove by force of arms, the dishonorable perma KOSes and perma farms, issued by the despicable enemy.


(THE MOTO) And now, my fellow noble Black Shirts and For-Profit Mercenaries, please recite with me, THE WARRIOR MOTO, as our sacrificial lamb of might, hall of famer, LORD RUCKIS, taught us to say:


(THE CREED) My fellow Black Shirts, please recite with me, the Black Shirt Creed:

The path of the righteous warrior is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyrannical Alpha warlords. Blessed is the Black Shirt, in the name of liberation and fair play, who shepherds the weak through the valley of the dishonorable darkness and rigged guild rankings. For he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost empires. And we shall strike down upon thee, the evil ones, with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to oppress and destroy the lower level empires with perma KOSes and perma farms and dishonorable warfare. And you will know us as noble punishers when our vengeance is upon you evil ones.

(THE OFFERING) And now, as is our solemn duty, let all deliver up our treasures, to pay for the rent and the AE janitorial team, and reward the noble warriors of might. (Sergeants of arms Galactus., and Captian, pass the golden offering bowls through the Black Shirt pews.)

Surfer: Thank you noble Black Shirt for your gratuitous gift. One year free upgrade to Imperial Wolf Honor Guard Inigo Montoya.

Surfer: Thank you noble Black Shirt for your gratuitous gift. One year free upgrade to Imperial Wolf Honor Guard Badmojo.

Surfer: Thank you noble Black Shirt for your gratuitous gift. One year free upgrade to Imperial Wolf Honor Guard zrcalo.

Surfer: Thank you noble Black Shirt for your gratuitous pledge. One year free upgrade to Imperial Wolf Honor Guard Paradasca.

Surfer: Thank you noble Black Shirt for your gratuitous pledge. One year free upgrade to Imperial Wolf Honor Guard Granuja.

Surfer: Thank you noble Black Shirt for your gratuitous pledge. One year free upgrade to Imperial Wolf Honor Guard Dizzy.

Surfer: Your Majesty, Lord Halo, Ruler of the Universe, please kindly accept these gratuitous offering as homage to your noble mercy upon the suppressed. (Lord Halo, nods his head, signaling gracious acceptance of the gratuitous gift offerings.)

(THE ANNOUCEMENTS) Surfer: All those Black Shirts that required leaves of absences to join in the war, submit your requests before the next meeting. To all my noble Black Shirt friends, there will be coffee and cookies in the cafeteria of THE HALL OF THE RIGTHEOUS, immediately following, where each of you, may greet and pay your respects to Lord Halo, in person. (The Black Shirts start buzzing in excited anticipation of this great honor.) Order!! Order!!! (slamming the gavel down again repeatedly)

(THE EXODUS) Surfer: QUIET PLEASE, ALL RISE!!!. May the Sergeants of Arms escort the dignitaries from THE HALL OF THE RIGHTEOUS. (Sergeants of arms lead the Justices back down the isle first, followed by General Grant, all eyes fixed upon the precession, well except one, of course, dang, there goes Captian again, checking out Invisible Woman's tush, in front of everyone, he has no shame, then followed by the IMPERIAL WOLF HONOR GUARD, and followed by Lord Halo, and finally, [SA] Chief of Staff, Silver Surfer, grinning from ear to ear.)

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Re: Hall of Righteous, 2009

Postby ragnarök » Fri 06 Jun, 2014 23:46


" blame Rags, it's all his fault. You think he's a cuddly puppy but he's really an Evil Mastermind :silenced:"

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