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Thee of Old - Localg0d

Postby localg0d » Sun 08 Jun, 2014 03:13

I woke up today after a four year slumber and much has changed around me. The planet I used to rule was in ashes. Luckily my drop ship still had a few good fuel cells (energy cells) that seemed functional. The rest of the crew survived the stasis period as well.

Upon waking up, I began to initiate reanimation for my crew and we gathered up what resources from our old homeworld before a fleet of ships came in orbit. We ran as fast as we could to our new homeworld in Andromeda.

Now we are looking for new friends to setup traderoutes with on the new planet we inhabit. We are on a young planet, less than a day old. Anyone whom would be willing to continue this journey with us, please respond in kind!

Thank you to all who reply!

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