Zero Hour

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Zero Hour

Postby Wulf » Tue 08 Jul, 2014 19:50

New Sera, Vyria
1300 Hours

The city streets lay below me, stretching outwards in all directions in a glittering grid of skyscrapers. Sunlight reflected off of windows and people went about their day, hustling and bustling in an endless tide. The wind shifted my fur ever-so-slightly. The anemometer attached to my rifle processed the input: five kilometers per hour to the northwest. I made the necessary adjustments to my aim, shifting my scope ever so slightly to the right. If I had a lasrifle, the wind wouldn't have provided any issues, but the problem with lasers is that it's remarkably simple to trace one back to a point of origin. Technology's fun like that. I packed a sliver gun instead; a bit tricky to handle due to ballistics, but a hell of a lot more discreet.

My target stood on the top of a building a few blocks down from the one I was perched on, sipping a beverage and walking barefoot in a rooftop garden. He was a Vao, one of the scaly green aliens from over in the Teya System. He looked extremely calm and collected for a wanted criminal and dangerous bioterrorist responsible for about three thousand deaths.

A few months back, this guy, Krigor Hua, let loose a weaponized plague on one of the border planets. It was very hush-hush, of course, and hard as hell to pin back on him, but he made a pretty bad mistake; his attack was possible due to his kidnapping of a Shar'ri scientist implanted with a tracker, and we didn't take too kindly to one of our own people getting nabbed and forced to pervert science quite like that. After some significant detective work, my coworkers and I were able to track him to Vyria, a pretty big trading hub, and bam, cue me up on a rooftop aiming a gun at Mr. Scales from Teya.

The comm unit implanted in my ear beeped twice, indicating the go-ahead. I took a last minute look at my instruments and made tiny adjustments to my aim. Exhaling slowly, I squeezed the trigger. The sliver gun chuffed and kicked against my shoulder as it fired. Hua jerked and fell, and I noted with satisfaction that the sliver hadn't exited the far side of his skull. He was down and done; hard to get up with four inches of hardened ceramic stake lodged in your brain case.

I stood up and disassembled the gun, placing it in my pack with the rest of my gear. Searching the immediate area, I noted with satisfaction that I hadn't left a trace, at least visibly. Jogging to the other side of the roof, I hopped onto my skimmer, powering it up. It was a cakewalk to slink off of the roof and slip down into aerial traffic, headed towards the outskirts to meet up with my handler. Just another day at the office.

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