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Coco's coffee shop

Postby Kal Derabel » Thu 09 Apr, 2015 11:30

| Coco's coffee shop |

“There is a rumor that in the Centauri stellar system there's this coffee shop where you always find what you're looking for. If it's information that you need, you are bound to find someone to enlighten you, if it's a job you're looking for, someone will surely come up with the right proposal, if it's drugs you're after, dealers will show you the way, if it's a companion you need, then...”

In the orbit of a planet called Finistelle, a man in a space suit and his robotic friend, whom he usually addressed by the name “Tok” (meaning “electricity” on local galactic dialect) were working hard on preparations for the upcoming celebration of the 3rd decade of a place who everyone knew as “Coco's coffee shop”. The whole interior was renovated with the top technological additions: Begarth's chairs (who would adjust their forms to fit personal physical conditions for the biggest comfort), Joker's tables (who would be equipped with gambling computer technology and would arrange for any game you'd might want to play) to name a few.. Beverage choices always as rich, the famous “Coco's coffee”, that could keep you awake for days with no health damaging after effects whatsoever (it's Coco's secret recipe no one has ever succeeded in copying, and quite a lot of people tried...).
Coco had asked of Kastor a thorough external check of the small station before customers arrive and he and Tok were on the outside doing the usual maintenance of the solar panels (the station was a self-supplied entity with no need of external sources of energy), checking thrusters (in order to create a gravitational pull inside the hull a rotation momentum is a necessity and since Coco was originally a finistellian it was her will that the station's gravity is the same as the one on Finistelle, it was a very delicate equation that no longer required human touch, the navigation computers were charged with the task, thanks to the technological advancement of Finistelle), in the end simply doing a normal technician's job. Even though computers were doing the task of solving all the complicated calculations these days, technicians were still highly sought after and well paid, as the maintenance of all these apparels was quite hard work and what's more it required specific knowledge and physical involvement.

- Well, i guess we are good to go, Tok? What do you think? - demanded Kastor.
The robot answered with a few beeps and flickers that Kastor's personal computer translated as “Indeed, all systems were checked, thrusters are working, solar panels are in order.”
- You know, Tok, you are quite a decent investment for a piece of scrap carbon. - chuckled Kastor at the same time as his sound transmitter located in his right ear informed him:
“Your suit's air compression is below it's limits, please return to base immediately!”
Tok seemed quite pleased to see Kastor's panicked face, even if it was for a second before he realized the robot was simply joking. Strange toys, these robots!

Kastor was working on Coco's station for nearly 14 years, but never for a second was he bored from the view. The gas giant in the distance was quite spectacular. Because of the substances on it's entire surface, the whole atmosphere was abundant of vaporous entities, clouds of sort, which created this beautiful landscape with all kinds of colors and forms. The planetary systems were strangely aligned in a kind of a triangle. Finistelle was situated in the middle of the base of that geometrical form. The planet was not unique in any specific way, considering the other planets on the system it was even rather small, except that it had this weird aura around it. Kastor couldn't stop looking at the relief surface, he didn't even realize that watching the planet's behavior (he truly thought it was a living being) had become a tradition every time when he was out of the station working in his space suit.
As he went inside Coco was just putting the final touch of the decoration. She was choosing the “aerographies” (paintings made with an air brush, a technique commonly used by artists in this part of the galaxy) to put on the walls.

- Hey Kast, you finished the usual routine? I know it's a bore, but you know it's obligatory. - demanded Coco on a joyful tone.
- It's my job, dear. You know it doesn't bother me. What's more, i always get a chance to contemplate Finistelle's beauty. I envy you for being born there. I never felt such an attachment to Elix, even though i've seen it numerous times, while working on the space stations in the area.
- You might actually get a chance to visit her some time... When i give you a break. - she laughed and playfully winked at Kastor.
- I'm sure the time will come. Anyway, everything's in order. Are you ready to lighten up the sign?
- I'm done! Let's go.

Kastor and Coco, followed by their loyal humorous friend Tok, went to the voluminous window, a computer based reproduction of the real image just outside (with the constant rotation of the station it wouldn't be possible to have a steady view), which filled the whole frontal part of the coffee shop, it was a feature well known and appreciated by customers.
- Go ahead, Tok. Lighten it up! - said Coco motivated.
Tok obediently complied and with the usual flickers and beeps the sign “Coco's coffee shop” lightened in pale purple color. The luminous rays of the yellow dwarf, often named “Luz”, were just about to appear and engulf the tiny, in comparison, planet Finistelle. This beauty was what made Coco choose the placement of this station. She never regretted it.

[This is a strictly role-playing thread. All places mentioned are connected to the game. You are encouraged to join, the coffee shop is open to every galactic citizen. It's one of the few neutral bases, which allows all kinds of factions, guilds, even enemies to meet at one place. Please refrain from spamming. All posts of this kind will probably be removed without notice with the agreement of this forum's moderators. Thank you and welcome!]


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Re: Coco's coffee shop

Postby Kal Derabel » Sun 17 May, 2015 23:49

Kal Derabel was sitting comfortably on one of the chairs near the bar. He was playing with a tiny metal spoon and the ice in his Manaan's whisky. It wasn't the top beverage from what statistics indicated, but it surely was his favorite. It was brewed on a planet in the 30s, called Manaan, from where it's name. It had this taste, which leaves a sensation of sweetness in your mouth, while the liquid slowly, but steadily warmed your throat. The news emission was just about to start. He wasn't really paying attention until the name of the guild [loli!] flickered on the screen before him, just above the bar.

"Greetings galactic citizens! You are with the news of the Centauri system. We've just received breaking news about two of the largest guilds [LEWD] and [loli!]. More than a hundred thousand credits of debris have been reported for the last eight hours from battles between the above mentioned. Formerly associated, it seems after a serious conflict the two guilds have turned against each other and have been involved into a wild and reckless war for power and dominion. Reasons are st...”

Kal was listening attentively, but no other information was shared about the essence of the conflict. The rest of the news were trivial, the daily commodity and rations prices, a few newly created guilds by freelancers and of course the weekly profit of the United Nations.
- You heard that, Coco? It seems my guild is quite fortunate. - started Kal.
- I just hope that means warfare will be taken far from Finistelle, Kal. - said Coco on a serious tone.
- Fighting will surely continue in the 31s, since [loli!]'s main jump gates are located here, but surely they'll have to move. [LEWD]'s largest fleets are in the 30s from what i hear. They'll surely want to keep the 30s in their circle of influence. From which follows that the main battle activity will be kept in those two systems, but i don't really think [LEWD] stand a chance of gaining the 30s. [loli!] have too well established their network around to lose this one. If they want to win the 30s, which should be their priority at this point, i reckon Finistelle will be safer. [loli!]'s attention is required elsewhere. I doubt they'll treat the House of Udrenos with such importance. We are too small after all. - Kal drank from his whisky and joyfully smiled at Coco.
- I don't get you, Kal. How can you be happy about all this. Finistelle was under heavy fire, there were so many who died, so much useless fighting. One of the days with all those battleships around i thought i was day-dreaming. I used to think that “Luz” was becoming all red! Look at it, Kal! She's so beautiful when in peace. Please look into it so that it's not captured again, please! - she slammed her hand on the bar full with rage and sorrow at the same time.
Awnn, one of [loli!]'s members planned an attack on Finistelle few weeks ago and he succeed in occupying it. The people were evacuated on time, but Coco couldn't help than feel extremely tense and worried. She had this inner connection with that planet, as if she was feeling it's sorrow as her personal sensation. Few days later due to Kal's strategy his fleet managed to liberate the planet by surprising the enemy using a different hyperspace route and with a few more small fights peace was restored.
Kal looked her in the eyes, approached, placed his hands on her shoulders and started.
- You have not to worry, dear. You know i share your feelings about this recklessness. I've already filed a thorough check of the defensive system of the planet. After the check is completed, construction and reinforcement will commence. I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I won't let them get this planet, not a second time! - His joyful smile returned on his face and after a brief pause he continued.
- I'm not smiling at this whole power measuring competition. I'm rather satisfied they don't actually consider me a threat. That's our best advantage!
Coco couldn't say a word, she was only hoping Kal's words were true. He was a man of his word after all, he has proven it many times. Let this time be one more proof for this, she thought!
Kal drank what was left in his glass, stood up and slowly started for his ship.

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