Those are not clouds!

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Those are not clouds!

Postby thewoodcutter » Mon 03 Aug, 2015 12:55

Captain Coin dragged his arse out of the docked battleship and with him are the severed heads of the planetary commanders he killed in his recent killing spree.

"Space killin is goood!"
*thud* goes the bag of heads on the emperor's secretary's desk. A sick look overcomes her.

as Captain Coin heads on to the balcony for a return home victory cigar the sky suddenly loses light.

they have come for revenge! the skies of Artimo are now black, thick, like a murder of crows but so that the stars cannot light through. The CLOUDS.

most certainly the galaxy is occupied by many many many millions of ships.

Captain Coin: "What have I done?!!! How'd they mobilize so soon?!!"

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Re: Those are not clouds!

Postby Zizi17 » Fri 08 Jul, 2016 20:33

Yep son, those aren't clouds,are just the air of failure.

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