Exodus of the Colonials

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Exodus of the Colonials

Postby Snake » Sun 24 Jun, 2007 10:33

Just for reference on what I mean by certain ship names.

Vipers = Fighters
Firestars = Cruisers
Battlestars = Heavy Cruisers, Battleships, Dreadnoughts


The Twelve Colonies, a prestegious and proud coalition of colonies who established themselves under the Articles of Colonization were a member state of the LUEnar Empire.

The entirety of their presence was in galaxy A14 excluding an outpost colony in a far away galaxy, an initiative proposed by President Snayke and the Quorum of Twelve.

Caprica, Scorpia, Gemenon, Tauron, Sagittaron, Canceron, Aerelon, Aquaria, Libris, Leonis, Picon and Virgon, the Twelve glorious colonies, until that fateful day...


Tauron Orbit

The regional sensors had been acting up all morning and communication other than planetary comms were down.

"Have we got any lines to Fleet HQ up yet?" Commander de Silva asked.

The technician simply shook his head.

de Silva gripped his forehead.

What could the problem be? We've never had such problems for such an extended period before. Even the corvette has not returend after several days.

Suddenly, a crackle on comm line sparked the commander's attention. Everyone's head shot up, attentive of any sound that followed. More static eminated from the loud speakers. Half words began. Nothing could be made out except a few words here and there.

"Ma----, u-der ----y f---, -----sting a-------- at Ca---ca."

It was too difficult to make out anything with the voice coming on and off, but Commander de Silva took no chances.

"Action stations, set the fleet to alert status." de Silva declared and centered himself in the bridge with his XO by him.
"Send Battlestar Group 68 towards Caprica and have a comm link open with them at all times."
"Roger, BSG68 you are ordered to head to Caprica at full speed." the radio officer spoke into his headset.
"Could it be the Cylons?" the XO asked rhetorically.
"I don't think so. Something far worse. I can feel it."

6 battlestars assembled with an escort of 15 firestars and 75 vipers and began moving.

"CONT- wait, it's gone." the dradis operator seemed confused.
"I was sure I- there it is again! There's periodic blips." he looked worried.

Commander de Silva picked up the phone and spoke, "BSG 68, be advised, possible contact in your proximity."
"Copy that Battlestar Atlantia, will have vipers swe-what the?! AHH!" the comm link cut out.
"CONTACT! Oh my gods. Dradis picks up.. oh my gods.." he was dribbling with fear.
"Snap out of it lieutenant! REPORT!" de Silva was on edge.
"Dradis picks up.. over 500 large capital ships and thousands of fighters along with thousands of warships."
"We have thousands of fighters too. We can hold."
"Tens of thousands, commander."
"I-impossible!" de Silva was shocked.
"It's the BORG.."

Battlestar Atlantia rumbled as hundreds of capital ships fired upon the fleet hovering above Tauron.

"Return salvo fire!" de Silva shouted.


The battlestars and firestars begun firing back as Colonial Vipers began their attack sweep. In the first few minutes of fighting, 30% of the fleet had been annihilated. Thousands of Vipers met tens of thousands of BORG fighters whom were equipped with superior weapons and armour.

In the next few exchanges of fire, it was clear the Colonial Fleet could not hold Tauron space. The Battlestar Atlantia, one of the biggest battlestars ever commissioned in the Colonial Fleet was barely able to hold its own.

"It's useless, call our vipers home and let's get the hell out of here!" de Silva ordered.

The few remainining vipers retreated onto what was left of the Tauron Colonial Guard as the battlestars covered their approach.

"All vipers are aboard sir. All battlestars and firestars are ready to go." the radio officer reported.
"Set course for Colonial Fleet HQ, Scorpia."
"Fleet is ready to jump."

In the midst of space, Colonial capital ships began disappearing as they entered hyperspace.

With no Colonial presence in orbit, Tauron's orbital defence systems were left unsupported and were soon quashed. The BORG fleet descended upon Tauron.

Battlestar Atlantia along with the remaining fleet jumped out of hyperspace a little out from the planet of Scorpia, the Colonial Fleet hive.

"This is Colonial Fleet HQ, Battlestar Atlantia state your business. You aren't marked to arrive here."
"Colonial Fleet HQ, this is the Battlestar Atlantia with what's left of the Tauron Guard. Requesting permission to dock and repair."
"Impossible. That's less than a quarter of what was stationed at Tauron. Quit playing around."
"... permission granted."

A bitterly battered Atlantia engaged her engines and headed for the Scorpia shipyards.


D-Day +6

"Another colony has fallen?" President Snayke asked rhetorically.

He gave a sigh. He had been attending a military function commemorating the end of the Cylon War on Scorpia when the attacks began.

"It has taken me days to reach this decision, but it must be done. Three colonies have fallen without much resistance. We must consolidate our forces." he stated.
"Surely you aren't suggesting.." Admiral Xavier Fura did not need to finish.
"No, while most forces will be redirected to Scorpia, all the Battlestar Groups from Canceron, Aerelon and Aquaria will be directed to Gemenon. We must have at least two strongholds to spread out their forces. The other Battlestar Groups will be brought here, where the bulk of the fleet will be stationed. This is our last stand in this galaxy."
"In this galaxy?"
"The Quorum of Twelve and I have agreed that all possible civilians evacuated from the remaining colonies will be put on fleets for the purpose of colonization of another galaxy. That was the purpose of The Outpost."

Admiral Fura and the 7 remaining rear admirals nodded their consent. Rear Admiral de Silva was stationed at Gemenon awaiting the fleet build up.


D-Day +15

"The Colonization Fleet has entered hyperspace and will enter orbit around The Outpost in several weeks. The fleets have also arrived at Gemenon and are now under the command of Rear Admiral de Silva." Admiral Fura reported.

Just then, an officer burst into the room.

"Mister President, Admiral, Gemenon has just been attacked."


"How are we doing?" Rear Admiral de Silva demanded.
"Our fleet is in formation and sustaining. Our vast array salvo fire is fending off BORG capital ships. 300 battlestars all firing at once! I never would've dreamed of such a formation."



Outside the hull of the Atlantia, 300 battlestars pounded away at the incoming BORG fleet. This time the fleet had tens of thousands of fighters of their own. Over 30,000 Colonial Vipers engaged enemy fighters outside the firing zone.

Several battlestars aligned themselves front on and fired their missiles, destroying many warships, then realigned themselves for supressing fire.


Any BORG fighters that dared enter the field of fire were annihilated instantly.

5 minutes and the BORG fleet still did not desist.

"Sir, it looks like their ships are begining to part. There's a large gap forming in the middle of their formation."
"Let me see" de Silva examined dradis radar.
"New contacts! Oh my gods, these ships.. they are much larger than ours."

The large Leviathan-class ships immediately opened fire on the battlestars. From one strike, a battlestar exploded. Several more followed suit.

"Order the entire fleet to concentrate fire on the lead ship!"

290 battlestars fired upon a single ship. Green specks appeared momentarily then disappeared at each round of ammunition that hit the shield.

"It's.. commander the ship has taken no damage."
"Order the vipers to converge and drop their payload onto it."

Thousands of vipers ceased engaging BORG fighters and sped at the lead leviathan. Hundreds of vipers exploded as they rammed into the shield of the leviathan as other pilots veered away but were shot down by enemy fighters.

"Sir, our vipers are taking significant losses!"

All of a sudden, the leviathans open fire. In the first 20 seconds of their salvo fire, 35 battlestars were destroyed while smaller turrets took out thousands of vipers.

2 minutes later, 55 battlestars remained with 5,000 vipers.

"This is Rear Admiral de Silva, I am ordering a full retreat to Scorpia. I repeat, all battlestars are to start their FTL drives and jump to Scorpia."

40 battlestars were left as vipers landed on their designated decks.

35 remained as FTL drives were charging.

20 withdrew their fighter decks.

5 were left to jump.


1 barely jumped.

The Battlestar Atlantia jumped out of hyperspace in orbit of Scorpia, with 2000 warships on alert.

"Report" Admiral Fura demanded through the comm link.
"Sir, we were overrun. The entire Gemenon fleet was destroyed. Gemenon is gone. Scorpia is all that's left of the Twelve Colonies."
"We will endure, and we will survive rear admiral. This marks the full exodus of the Colonies from A14. We will remain behind as a beacon of hope for those left behind on the colonies who have survived the onslaught of the BORG and seek refuge. For now, we must withdraw ourselves from the LUEnar Empire. We can no longer fight. We have but one planet left in this entire galaxy. Dock at shipyard 62 and repairs will begin immediately. Good work Rear Admiral de Silva. You did the best you could."
"I lost tens of thousands of men under my command.. 300 battlestars!"
"The entire Colonial Fleet is under my command, every soul lost on the colonies and space, civilian or military, is on my and the President's conscience. Rear Admiral de Silva, you are dismissed from active duty in the A14 galaxy. I am sending you to our new home to command our fledging fleet there."
"... Copy."


This isn't entirely based on the events of Alpha, as only one of the planets was attacked but I had to disband a *beep* of my planets due to reformation of my account. I thought I'd write a nice story for it.

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Postby drvogue » Mon 25 Jun, 2007 08:50

nice one Battlestar Galactica with BORG :) I like

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Postby Snake » Mon 25 Jun, 2007 10:50

Why thank you. I love Battlestar Galactica. :D

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Re: Exodus of the Colonials

Postby parr1979 » Tue 10 Jul, 2012 21:11

I'm a big fan of BSG with new graphic effects. :P

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