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Re: the RP Anatomy of your race

Postby Aamto24 » Fri 13 Mar, 2009 02:01

Species Name: Regal

Physical Appearance:
Most Regals Stand are nearly seven feet tall and weigh 290 pounds over 3/4 of which is muscle. They are a naturally muscular species, as a Regal baby is often stronger than an adult human male. There face is almost human like however there mouth is much larger and the ears are also larger. The Regal sense of hearing is amazing, and since they can mentally tune out what they don't find important they can literally hear a pin drop in a crowded city block. Regals usually have six fingers, and six toes. The Regal Species is built for endurance and speed and strength, not a naturally intelligent species.

Appearance: Most Regals are covered with a two inch thick layer of skin which has been known to be able to stop a knife from penetrating through there skin. This Skin is covered with a thin amount of hair. Their feet are roughly the size of a human arm and there hands the size of baseball gloves. They have retractable webbing in there feet so they can swim better.

Abilities: Regal's naturally have two of almost every vital organ including the heart. This means that a direct hit to a Regal heart will not kill him, as he still has one working heart. This feature was evolved over millions of years of fighting. They are not a naturally smart species until they became a space based empire. Before they often stole or simply anything more technologically advance then their equivalent.

Misc: Regals are the seed of Martian life. They were genetically modified at an extremely early age by an unknown species which would make them evolve much faster than most any other species. In fact, In only three generations Regals living on an Aqua planet will develop gills and lungs and other adaptions.

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Re: the RP Anatomy of your race

Postby Dymond » Tue 14 Apr, 2009 02:43

[OOC]Thought I'd redo my Malirn race. Criticism welcome and wanted.[OOC]

Subject: The Malirn.

Skeleton: Same structure as humans except their bones are psychoactive and psycho-conductive enhancing their psychic ability.

Lifespan: Unknown. It is assumed; as no Malirn has ever been known to die of old age, that they can live for an indefinite amount of time unless killed by disease or accident.

Biology: Malirn have faster metabolic rates than humans and their cardiac and neurological systems are more advanced. These traits are shown in their vastly heightened reactions and agility compared to humans.

General appearance: Malirn appear very similar to humans, though they are generally taller, and slimmer, with sharp features. Skin tone depends on exposure to light, though they are usually rather pale, preferring darkness over light. Compared to many races the Malirn are graceful in whatever movements they make and see other races as awkward and slow because of this.
Eyes: Any colour.
Hair: Any colour.

Mind: Their minds are highly evolved and have huge cognitive capabilities. They are vastly superior to humans in intelligence and other matters relating to the mind.
Psychic capabilities: The Malirn’s abilities are vast concerning this. They can do things from simple telekinesis to atomic reconfiguration. The natural abilities and power of them tends to vary from person to person, but some Malirn manage to increase their power and gain new abilities. As a result of them being psychic, when their ability is suppressed totally, they will lose consciousness immediately and unless their power overcomes the suppressor they will die within a minute. Should they lose their power completely, it is instant death.

Feeding: This is the same as for humans, but the Malirn need to consume the equivalent of one humans’ life-force/soul/chi/etc per week as a minimum to sustain their psychic abilities.
Malirn prefer to consume sentient souls as they are bigger and apparently “taste” better than no-sentient beings. In order for the victim’s soul to be consumed, the Malirn has to pierce the victim’s skin or use a bodily orifice and remain inside the victim until they are done. They tend not to use the latter, finding it mostly disgusting and that they also like to see the victim’s pain when they are cut. Some Malirn have found a way to consume the victim’s soul through their sword, though this is a rare ability that even some of the most powerful Malirn do not know how to perform.
Because they need to pierce the victim’s skin, Malirn’s nails and teeth are sharp enough to cut open most victim’s skin. The consumption of the soul is extremely painful to the victim and can have detrimental effects on some if they are left alive.
The Malirn can make the experience painless and even pleasurable, but are likely not to do so, in fact they will draw it out longer than necessary (it often only takes a few seconds) and sometimes making it hurt more than normal just to see the victim’s pain. It should also be noted that they will eat other sentient beings, not only animals, though eating a fellow Malirn is usually looked down upon and discouraged by most Malirn.

Personality: Malirn are sadistic and malicious to most people, especially their enemies and others who are not Malirn. They will often harm others just because they can or they find it fun. In general they like others pain, whether they caused it or not. Though it should be noted that they don’t go around causing others harm for no reason or to everyone they see; usually. They are only affectionate towards children and their family. They will not hesitate to kill either if necessary.
Malirn have no concept of honour; they don’t even have a word for it. So don’t expect them to act in an honourable way. They also see nothing wrong with murder; it is in fact an accepted aspect of their society.
The Malirn also indulge in whatever they want whenever they want. They seek to enjoy themselves as much as possible and will often ignore the advice of others to do as they wish. However, they will work when they have to or need to. They also do not care about other races laws, seeing them as a nuisance and many of them ridiculous and unnecessary. Though they do follow what few laws the Malirn have.
Language & Communication: Speak Malirn or use telepathy. Speaking is preferred, depending on person and region Malirn may resemble old English.

Malirn swords: Every Malirn has a sword; no matter what age or social status they have one. Their swords are made for them before they are born and will be given to them once they are. They keep the same sword their entire lives. All Malirn are trained in how to use them effectively; learning from the earliest age possible. The swords are made from psychoactive/conductive metal and are attuned to their original user.
For a Malirn not have one, they are not considered Malirn anymore and are shunned and looked down upon by all other Malirn. A Malirn’s sword is irreplaceable and unfixable once lost or broken. These swords are a Malirn’s most prized possession and they will carry them everywhere with them; often not letting others touch them and in extreme cases look at them. Once the sword’s owner dies the breaks becoming unusable and unfixable by anyone.

Social Structure: The Malirn are ruled by the Ulhi (King/Queen). Below the Ulhi is the Lord Treasurer; they are the only other person to know the location of the Treasury where all the Malirn’s treasure is kept. The lord treasurer doesn’t really have any power to pass laws and order others around, etc, but it is an extremely sort after position.
All Malirn belong to a family, they often call themselves families, clans, bloodlines, households, kabals, etc. There are thirteen ruling families, below them are all the numerous lesser families and then all the rest. Every lesser family has sworn loyalty to one of the ruling thirteen families. The ones below them are just normal people without any particular allegiance. Every family has a head, usually just called the head but in the ruling thirteen the head is called an Archon and their second in command a Hierarch. The thirteen will often adopt members of the lower families if they think they are strong enough.
In order to become the Ulhi or lord treasurer you must be a member of one of the ruling thirteen families and defeat the current Ulhi or lord treasurer. It doesn’t really matter how so long as you kill them and either have witnesses of you doing this or you bring back their head to Castle Carrad and show it to the current Archons or their representatives. This is the same for becoming family head or hierarch, though the title can be passed on. If someone lies it does not matter as they will eventually be killed by someone else trying to become Ulhi or treasurer. For the Malirn, the strong rule and the weak die.
Other: It should be noted that most Malirn become pirates or raiders, doing whatever they want. A third of what they take goes to the treasury. The Lord Treasurer and his/her people collect this third which goes to the treasury.

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Re: the RP Anatomy of your race

Postby sorbitol overlord » Tue 14 Apr, 2009 04:05

Race: Sorbitol
eye color: all black, all pupil
skin color: orange-tan/white
blood: black, thick like tar
hair: thick, black/gray tuffs that grow from the brow to the back of the head and from the back of the jaws.
Characteristics: teeth are generally all fang-like averaging 1/2 in. in length, with the canines about 2 in. they generally have a muzzle, maybe 5 in. from their brow, and about 3 in. below it. skin is leathery, and mostly well moistened. only two legs, though they are hind legs, with emphasis on the heel and calf. height averages 7-8 ft., and shoulder width between 3-5 ft. four fingers, with two opposing and two twice in length as the others. no fingernails/claws, thought the feet carry talons on their only three toes. tail length averages 6 ft., allowing them to lean forward to approx 30 degrees from the hip, with four small, razor like protrusions near the tip. arms tend to be unnaturally long, just barely scraping the ground.
subject: Lotibros
eye color: all black, all pupil
skin color: orange-tan
blood: tar-like
hair: black with gray tips
height: 7' 8"
shoulder width: 5' 6"
talon length: 5 in.
arm length: 6 ft.

-jumping: generally 3-5 ft.
-speed: 40mph when at a brisk walk, 85 when at sprinting pace.
-strength: tests have shown a limit to 500lbs, though most have shown near 650lbs. when wearing his armor though, Lotibros reached a total of 783lbs.
-glare: some Sorbitols have shown to strike fear in their enemies when given eye contact. Lotibros proved to be an excellent example.
Culture: Sorbitols love the heat of battle. they tend to respect the ways of their ancestors, whom used sabres as weapons instead of the typical chemical propelled projectiles of humans. in their early years, humans had inhabited the same planet as the Sorbitols, though the humans showed themselves as a delicacy. Sorbitols prefer lesser-lighted rooms compared to their counterparts, and develop gray streaks along their eyes when exposed to exceptionally bright light. They usually wear physical armor, though with their technological advancements, power armor is commonly preferred over the latter. in most cases, armor gives a massive morale boost to Sorbitols, giving them exceptional strength and alacrity. impulse rifles are the only non-sabre weapons Sorbitols use; they prefer to stun the enemy before dismemberment rather than just killing them.
Common outfitting: skin-tight waterproofing layers, covered in heating/cooling units, leter layered over with armor/power armor, then draped in cloth to keep out any sand/dust particles. they typically carry one or two rucksacks, and a machete-like sabre holster on their backs. rifle holsters are placed either on their forearms, or on their upper thighs. no outfitting on the extremes of appendages. typical Sorbitol soldier wears a torso crest starting from the base of the spine, looping around the left shoulder, and connecting mid-breast. the right shoulder is usually covered with a large plate carrying their insignia. helmets are the skulls of their fallen enemies, commonly plated with appliances and precious metals. most Sorbitol soldiers carry their regiment flag, or, if in a special unit, the flag of that unit. all Sorbitols are required to burn their insignia and title on their necks and all other appendages. burn marks grow larger with rising insignia.

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Re: the RP Anatomy of your race

Postby DarkMirror » Mon 20 Apr, 2009 20:57

[[ I'avis ]]


The I'avis are a race of highly intelligent avian aliens. While they are not very physically imposing (being both scavengers and from a low-gravity moon), they make up for it by being masters of technology.

  • Origins: Their home world only has about 60% of Earth's gravity, and the I'avis are very light as a result, having hollow bones and very little muscle mass. It is possible that their ancestors were capable of flight, but this ability was obviously lost at some point.
  • Dimensions: I'avis range between 140 to a 170 centimetres in hight, leaning towards the shorter scale on average. They weigh next to nothing, only around 30 kilograms.
  • Physical Appearance: They have black skin covered by both a thin layer of fine, fluffy beige feathers and a thicker layer of large, stiff black feathers. Their faces are often covered with varying patterns of blood-red plumage, as well as a form of "hair" in longer, more feathery plumage. Their tails are flexible and whip-like, with a small tuft of larger feathers at the tip. Their beaks house numerous small, needle-like teeth good for tearing out small chunks of meat.
  • Senses: I'avis eyes are sharp and good at picking out detail from a distance. Their hearing is quite good, and in addition to their aural canals they have an additional pair of hearing organs located inside the two stubby horns that jut from their head primarily dedicated to hearing the higher frequencies used in their speech.
  • Reproduction: I'avis reproduce much the same way as humans, and once gravid, a female I'avis will have a four-month long gestation period, followed by the laying of a single egg. The egg itself hatches in an additional month.
I'avis are primarily diurnal, with most of their activity taking place in the daytime. They are also communal, living in large groups with smaller, close-knit family units. Having evolved from scavengers, a large portion of their society operates around limited backstabbing and stealing other's ideas, but this is seen as a means of keeping one on their toes and deserving of credit.

A good portion of funding among the I'avis goes into schools, which are well-designed and teach meaningful life skills. However, there is very little tolerance for those unable to learn things properly, and the uneducated are looked down on, frequently ending up living in slums or charity houses.

Due to the I'avis obsession with advancement, progress, and scientific advancement, morals often find themselves falling to the side during research, and it is not unknown for those unlikely to be missed to be taken in as live test subjects.

The I'avis military is well disciplined, but somewhat rag-tag in it's formation. Units often equip themselves with experimental, home-made and otherwise non-standard weapons and equipment. The natural "scavenger" mindset may also contribute to somewhat eccentric and dysfunctional chains of command, though this is the case far less often than not.

"Standard" equipment consists of a lightly reinforced overcoat, a scattergun, and an integrated sensors helmet.


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Re: the RP Anatomy of your race

Postby marakai » Thu 23 Apr, 2009 18:44

Subject: The Atazians
Skeleton: Somewhat weak skeleton structure, large strong skull
Skin: DirtBrown - Pale White, Dark Green - Pale Green
Looks: Looks a bit like the classic alien. Only smaller and a hump
Eyes: Dark - Pale
Mind: Advanced, can plant messages in other persons/creatures brains
Muscular System: Bit less then the Humans
Blood: Thick yellow slime
Hands: 3 fingers and a thump each hand
Feet: 2 big toes, and one on there heel
Leg: Nothing special about it
Hearing: Hearing ability is quite weaker then humans
Sight: is somewhat better then Humans. The Atazian homeworld is quite dark so they have a developed night-sight
Smelling is the same equal to Humans.
Average Length: 3 Feet - 5 Feet
Average Weight: 20 Kilos - 60 Kilos
Average Age: 0 - 50 Earth Years

From Origin the Atazians come from the planet Ataz. Wenn they turned intelligent they started to build cities, the buildings where made mostly out of metal skeleton, wooden walls and leather roofs. There houses didnt had any windows, because mostly the light would come in, from there orange star, through the cracks of the wood and the rips in the leather. Ataz was a beautiful planet in those days. With gorcious flowers and woodlands and endless openfields. The Atazians where mostly farmers in this time, and where deeply religious. The society in these cities was guite harsh. If you where a local everybody was friendly towards you. If you came form an other city, most people ignored you, and if tey would only ignore you, you where lucky. Mostly they trough rotten fruits and stuff towards the foreigners, sometimes even kidnap them and offer them to there gods.
They didnt had any economics, or anything. The main rule in there culture is to serve your city and your gods. One whole city operates as one unit.

Each city did had a leader. But the leader did not stand any higher then its people. The Leader was also called as 'Tharsis'. The Tharsis was chosen at is birth and may rule wen he has the proper age. Wenn he had the proper age, the youngest baby in the city was chosen as its heir. The Tharsis ruled from its proper age till he died.

Wenn the Atazians invented how to travel into deep space. The intired planet united as one big 'city', and chose one Tharsis. The Atazians did not discriminate people out of other cities, but now they started to hate other galactic races. Contacting the Atazians is quite hard and very dangerous. Therefore there isnt much knowledge of this stange culture and spieces.

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Re: the RP Anatomy of your race

Postby DarkMirror » Sun 26 Apr, 2009 19:21

[[ Sangre Plagas: Blood Blights ]]


The Sangre Plagas are a rather unique species. They are akin to a slime-mould, resembling a thick red liquid and able to ooze around slowly. Their entire form is full of braincells, meaning that any one mass is it's own thinking being, gaining further ability to think the more it collects.

It's most startling ability, however, is to mimic and replace other creatures own blood. Once it has entered the body, a mass of Sangre Plagas will make it's way to the brain and use the pre-existing neurons and passages to bolster it's own intelligence, taking over the body in the process. The host-body effectively dies and is revived by the Sangre Plagas within. It's own personality, mannerisms and memories are passed onto the now-dominant alien inhabiting the body, changing it from an intelligent-but-hive-based mass into an individual, though one still guided by the instincts and machinations of the Sangre Plagas.

Hosts are hard to kill, as they are no longer truly reliant on oxygen delivered by the blood. A host may sustain massive damage, and the alien inhabitance will simply vacate the damaged section and pool deeper within the host. A host can generally be spotted by the blood which runs from their eyes, though this is not a 100% sure method.

A Sangre Plagas which feels sufficiently threatened while inside a body may vomit a portion of itself, often attempting to throw this mass at the enemy in question in an attempt to infect them.
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Re: the RP Anatomy of your race

Postby Wulf » Sun 26 Apr, 2009 23:25


The Cikari are a race of unusual stock who use gravatic manipulation technologies to a great extent. They are fearsome warriors, and have an extreme sense of honor in a warrior's death.

Origins: Their home world has roughly the same gravity as Earth, and is covered in a rocky desert. They walk on four legs as a result, for extra stability. They are very deliberate and precise in their movements.
Dimensions: Cikarans range between five to a seven feet in hieght, leaning towards the shorter scale on average. They weigh relatively little for their size.
Physical Appearance: They have a light brown fur, with several bony spikes protruding from their upper backs. Their maw is short and a little downturned, filled with two large canines and many needle-like teeth. Cikarans have muscley forearms, used to propel themselves high over the rocky plain to which they are native.
Senses: Cikari eyes are good at detecting color and movement, but too much of either can disorient the individual. They have long ears that fold down flat. When perked, however, they function much like a bat's. They have an enhanced sense of touch, allowing them to communicate through direrct contact with another being.

Cikari are primarily nocturnal, with most acitivty taking place in the daytime. They are a tightly knit race, and do not trust many outside of their own kind. Gravity manipulation is a commonplace technology. They value friendship, loyalty, and trust.

The Cikaran military endorces ambush and hit'n'run tactics, using gravatic traps and weaponry expertly. THeir units act as one to acomplish a goal, using an almost unparralleled teamwork mindset.

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Re: Fornax

Postby Felix Maxwell » Thu 30 Apr, 2009 02:56

Subject: Fornax
Brief: Highly intelegent elf like creatures
Phisical: Frail, but can run up to 100kph
Hight: aprox. 1.7 meters
Intelegince: Broke the E-IQ
Breath: o5m7 but can hold for 3.25 hrs. in space

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Re: the RP Anatomy of your race

Postby Pantycellen » Fri 08 May, 2009 10:08

The Pantycelli (Pant-ee-Kell-eye)

These inteligent and enlightened beings are a rare non-insectoid invertebrate sentient species with their closest terrestrial analogue being Cuttlefish. Below I have included some facts on their biology for those with a scientific mindset.

Size: Pantycelli are generally quite large being considerably larger then a human in length if we include tenticles they can be anywhere up to 15 feet long (though around 10 foot is more common). They are also physically quite imposing being around 3-5 feet wide when at adult size.
Eyes: Pantycellen (the Pantycelli homeworld) is quite far away from its somewhat dim sun and so the Pantycelli are able to see well in lower light conditions then humans, they can also see a wider light spectrum then humans often percieving things that we cannot. With their W shaped pupils they are able to see the polarisation of light and also both forwards and backwards at the same time making it very difficult to sneak up on them. However due to the nature of their eyes the Pantycelli are unable to see colour (which makes their art somewhat difficult to understand as it only really works if you are able to see how light is changed by hitting it which means that significant Pantycelli artworks are either not visible to humans or look like an indercipherable mish mash of colour. They have similar problems with our art as well from this).
Hearing: The Pantycelli have quite poor hearing meaning that if you are only a few feet away they will not be able to hear you speak, they however make up for this defect in other ways
Smell/Taste: I've lumped these two senses together due to the simple fact that the Pantycelli have one sense organ which they use for both (add to this the fact that they will refer to the "tase of the air" when talking about smells means that to discuss this with them I had to discuss both together). Their sense of smell is incredible and the Pantycelli will use smell to find people or things from great distances. Their sense of taste is also as you'd expect phenominal, unfortunently this does mean that their cuisine is rather bland as a little flavour goes a long way. They will used their sense of smell and taste in ways that seem odd to humans, Pantycelli craftsmen will use smell and taste to decide the quality of metals and a large part of the Pantycelli's language is based around the careful release of scent signals.
Touch: The Pantycelli dispite their size are capable of very fine motor control and I have seen them handle delicate ceramics that you or I would shatter with a brush of our hand. However saying that I have also seen Pantycelli shape steel by hand (well tenticle) and on one occasion that I will not forget in a hurry rip a armoured human in half with no more effort then you or I would tear up a sheet of paper.
Other abilities of note: The Pantycelli like cuttlefish are capable of changing the pigmentation of their skin. In the Pantycelli this has largely been moved from a defense mechanism into a communication tool and forms a major part of their language.
Locomotion: The Pantycelli have a large gas bladder (belived to have evolved from something similar to the cuttlefishe's cuttlebone) which contains considerable amounts of helium which the Pantycelli get through the eating of certain plants (Pantycellen the Pantycelli homeworld has large amounts of helium which is taken up from the ground by various plants). This allows them to float about a foot above the ground. When moveing slowly they will use their tenticles to "walk" themselves along but when they wish to move at speed they will use a powerful jet to push themselves along (generally backwards) much as squid do in earths oceans.
Circulation and Respiration: The Pantycelli are oxygen breathers who utilise haemocyanin in double lobed blood cells. They have two large lungs located behind just behind their eyes and running for most of the length of their bodies. Each of these lungs has an associated heart to pump blood through them and back to the main heart. The large main heart pumps blood around the body eventually getting to the lung associated hearts. This system while quite efficient has to be due to the fact that haemocyanin is less effective weight for weight at carrying oxygen then haemoglobin.
Language: The Pantycelli as I have mentioned have poor hearing resulting in their language being mostly visual based around sign language, this is backed up by scents and visual patterns to give a lot more depth to the language. Pantycelli have trouble communicating with verbal communicators due to the fact that they cannot make vocal sounds while verbal communicators generally do not have enough limbs or of the right sort, they also generally cannot secreat scents at will or change colour. This has lead to the Pantycelli building text-language-text translators which largely bridge the gap.
Reproduction: The Pantycelli are prudish about sex in the extreme and so no real information is available at this time.
Possible life span: This is another thing the Pantycelli are not paticually happy talking about however from conversation with them it would seem that living into their second or third century is not uncommon (information got from how long ago historical events occured and how they talk about them).
Diet: Largely plant based but this seems from choice as they are capable of eating meat, they try to avoid haemoglobin as much as possible as for want of a better description it makes them somewhat inebriated.

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Re: the RP Anatomy of your race

Postby Shifty Chicken » Fri 08 May, 2009 11:57

Race: sub-human

Species: HUSBAND
Skeleton: Spineless
Skin: Constantly grabbed at and red
Looks: Straight down and definately not at other women


Eyes: Closed most of the time
Mind: Worn down by children
Blood: Thick
Hands: Always fidgeting
Feet: Sore from running after the wife
Hearing: Selective
Sight: Impaired
Smell: BO

Mental Abilities: None but the wife expects you to know it all anyway

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Re: the RP Anatomy of your race

Postby starz48 » Sat 09 May, 2009 00:22


ANATOMY: Humanoid, most 6-7 feet tall, intergrated computer system & exterior panel (basically created cyborg, steel
reinforced skeleton)

Artificially enhanced strength, dexterity, itellegence
Completely encased in paneled armour (even civies)

COMBAT ABILITIES: Intergrated weapon system + motion scanner picks out enemies
"smart" rounds (fin stabilized projectiles and corrective input from lasers)
Running speed: Average 40 mph, can sprint 55 mph for short distances

strength-punch should smash clean through armour (excluding reactive matrix), blunt force trauma would incapacitate anyway
dexterity-excellent melee ability, both with swords or hand-to-hand (complex martial arts)
intellegence-computer scans possibilities and chooses best course of action
armour-lightweight nanotube weave, can shed enormous loads of kinetic energy and can deflect a strong laser rifle

shot from 50+ meters (laser shot damages armour)
helmet-optical scanners + HUD give 360 degree pamoramic coverage

Monarchy/Oligarchy (King takes input from assembly of middle class)
1 king, chosen from testing the AI of canidate (superior processors, upgrades, etc.)

Sevice compulsory
Highly advanced technology

(I might as well run with it, so...)

NR-15 Designated Marksman Weapon - shooting solid projectiles, .60 caliber+
M1015 Underslug Grenade Launcher - 40 millimeter grenade launcher attached to Series 5 and BH-15 laser rifles
Series 5 Laser rifle - high powered laser rifle
M208 Laser cannon - produces a chemical laser armour piercing round
Fighting knife - old fashioned K-Bar fighting knife.
Katana - 3 feet of folded, monobonded carbon blade (all the strength without the brittleness)
Improvised Explosive Devices - need I say more?
M34 Plasma Mine - plasma anti-tank land mine
H-375 Warhawk - Laser/missile platform; helicopter
AAV - Armoured Attack Vehicle; similar to a tank
AS5 Series MBT-Main battle tank, 220 millimeter chemical laser cannon
B-195 Ion 'Peacekeeper' - large upper-atmosphere ground attack aircraft. Armed with dual Ion strafers and internal missile bays capable of carrying 16 tons of munitions.
F-1843 Fighter Drone - deployed in swarms; draws fire away from peacekeepers
XM94 Elite Combat Battlesuit - elite cyborg fighter armed with minigun and compact laser cannon;
M947 Radar Guided Railgun - for air defense
M934 Self Propelled Railgun - main artillery gun
M2943 Mech- Missile packs, quad laser turrets, chainsword.

Basic Infantry- armed with Series 5 laser rifle, K-Bar fighting knife (bayonet version) & basic body armour
Special Operations/Recon Teams- armed with NR-15 sniper rifle and BH-15 laser carbine
Heavy Infantry- armed with Series 5 laser rifle, nanotube body armour, and hardened 24 inch blade
Commander- Armed with G-7 laser rifle, MB7 laser pistol, nanotube body armour with laminate plating, and hardened katana

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Re: the RP Anatomy of your race

Postby Orangicus » Sat 09 May, 2009 23:04

Subject: Nindarian (Grthku in Nindarian tongue)
Planet: Nindar
Skeleton: Strength/Density: 9/10 [Human: 5/10]. Built for traversing rugged terrain and harsh, if not dangerous, atmospheres. 273 bones in the adult body, as opposed to the human 206.
Skin: Black or gray with variation; Albinity is possible. Scaley - chitinous, as in Alligators, Crocodiles and shellfish. Nindarians shed quite rapidly until they reach adulthood, approximately 22 Nindarian years (44 Terran years and some days), whereupon their body quite suddenly slows down, metabolically, abruptly. This shedding is manifested through thick sheets of skin cracking and curling around itself as it dries, thus hardening, resulting in spike-like protrusions that are constantly present. Needless to say, it is not often that you will touch a mature Nindarian.
Looks: Stout, dense, rugged
Eyes: Two are usually black in darker areas, although they are surrounded by a dense muscle mass capable of withstanding the most unfathomable brightness unharmed - color varies. Another two 'eyes' are located where human temples would be where, instead, are two large 'dents' in the Nindarian skull, where infrared light is accepted and processed, allowing them to see more than 180 degrees. A fifth eye is located where human eyebrows would meet, capable of perceiving ultra-violet light and detecting even the slightest changes in UV Ray volume at an average of about 70 meters. Five 'eyes' in all.
Brain: Highly-developed, but primitive
Belief System: An 'ownership' of all things. Example: 1) The U.S. President would, in Nindarian society, own the U.S. outright. 1) The best member of a family is the head, whether by brain or brawn. Likewise, the strongest or smartest member of a society is the leader.
Muscular System: Compact. Tough.
Blood: White, cold-blooded, tree-sap texture - while water-based, Nindarian blood is conditioned to respire with the use of any of several components; this, however, augments both the behaviour and diet of the Nindarian. In order of transitional ease: Carbon Monoxide, Dihydrogen Monoxide, Nitrogen or Helium. In the case of Nitrogen, a Nindarian naturally craves the elements predominent in soil - that means they eat dirt on occasion. Since they do not have voice boxes, their voices do not gain pitch when exposed to helium, although some Nindarians are capapble of being allergic or unable to digest some forms of sustainance, usually fatal upon discovery.
Hands: With three pairs of hands, you won't find a Nindarian short-handed at any job. The arms and, thus hands, that extend from bulky shoulders end with six short, thick fingers and a neat, if short, opposable thumb, capable of lifting a minimum of 50-600 lbs together. The secondary and tertiary arm pairs conform to the chest area, and each is, while muscular, thin and long and the hands of which only have two fingers and an afixed opposite thumb, capable of lifting a maximum of 100 lbs in tandem.
Feet: Nindarian legs are, if nothing else, peculiar in that they have four total joints, allowing them to meneuver - literally - in any direction at any time. Both 'floating' joints are capable of oscilating 50 degrees, enabling one such creature to literally bend a leg in any direction at all. At the same time, this means that joints must be incredibly strong to prevent legs from collapsing under any amount of weight - this also means you would not like to be kicked by a Nindarian and that they have extraodinary balance and equilibrium.

Touch: Nindarians are not particularly susceptable to touch with their thick, chitinous hide, nor is pleasure a common occurance. However, inherently, the majority of them tend to have contracted Congenital Analgesia - the inability to feel pain in any form - through evolution. This could be the fault of harsh living conditions.
Hearing: Nindarians do not have vocal cords or ears. Instead, there is an organ in the body which emits vibrations, much like elephants except they don't have a specialized organ, which can be interpreted by ears or other Nindarians accordingly - it is, however, much harder to hear a Nindarian if one is not a Nindarian themself. Additionally, this means that a Nindarian's hearing is incredibly acute, their body acting as a conduit of sound and can hear any ambient sound from farther away than a normal human can. Moreover, speaking the Nindarian language is extremely difficult without the use of the second set of human volcal cords, which is difficult to master - most humans never come to realize they have a second vocal set.
Sight: Nindarians are capable of seeing in the darkest pitch, as well as perceiving Ultra-violet and Infrared light, making it impossible for any warm-bodied life-form to escape their eyes.
Scent: Their reciprocal to the human Lungs, Stomach, Olfactory Perception and Intestinal Tract are combined into a single, sac-like organ. As you may have guessed, the oriface leading to this organ is in the same area as the human mouth - we'll call it a mouth. This sac, strangely enough, performs all activites simultaneously - this means that, if a Nindarian were to drink water, it would simultaneously breathe water while digesting water. When fully submerged in water, a Nindarian can survive for several days without surfacing and months without starvation (or dehydration, onviously). This is beneficial, considering all substances ingested are directly transfered to the blood (after a short mediation), granting near-immediate energy. Additionally, by inflating this organ in any atmosphere, a Nindarian can smell and taste anything in the vicinity - this can be quite crude in the presence of unfavorable substances and is considered socially inacceptable around others of their kind, considering this act would include the tasting of those in the vicinity as well. Finally, as the digestive tract must end somewhere, the anus is located at the lower end of the main body, from which avian-like waste is excreted.
Taste: Coincidentally, Nindarians do not have taste buds on their tongue; instead, their Olfactory Sensory expands from the very depth of their stomach to the tip of their tongue. This would explain the nature with which they address food.

Reproduction: Nindarians are reptilian and, thusly, hatch from eggs and engage in intercourse in such a way.

Average Statistics:
Height: 8'0"
Weight: 1200 lbs
Skin: Black/ Dark
Eyes: Black (varies)

Psychical Abilities:
Punch (Shoulder Arm): 2000 psi
Punch (Chest Arm): 500 psi
Lifting Power (Arms): 1500 lbs
Lifting Power (Legs): 2000 lbs
Walking Speed: 8 mph
Running Speed: 50 mph
Kicking Power: 3800 psi
Jumping Height: 14-20 feet
Jumping Distance: 60 feet

Why they are how they are: Nindar isn't a planet anybody would want to live on. It has two suns; one is a massive Red Giant, named Cthir, with a smaller White Dwarf, named Irihm caught in its gravity, which will eventually collide with its big brother, but for now it takes only several hours to do what it takes Nindar a year to do. It requires approximately 765 days to cycle on Nindarian year. The White Drawf's orbital cycle's nature causes there to be several bright sections of the day and several dark ones because of the nature of the Red Gient alone. Nindar is roughly 7,000 kilometers farther from Cthir than Pluto is from Sol and the atmosphere filters out most light with its mucky consistancy. The natural atmosphere of Nindar is literally the exact opposite of the Earth's because plant-like organisms that respire oxygen, just like humans, exhaust Carbon Monoxide which is why nindarians breathe what they do. Similarly, eighty percent of the planet is submerged in water or swamp-like in nature. However, the planet itself is still relatively young and the bacteria and ashen texture of the volcanic planet filters into a hazey mist that rises into the atmosphere perpetually, blotting out light and causing difficulty breathing for most organisms. Because of the simtulaneous volcanic and oceanic natures of the planet, it would be very dangerous for any human to traverse, let alone live, with constant volcanic eruptions, meaning new land forming, and the constant changing of current patterns or land-masses means that the planet is entirely predictable. We will omit Nindar's wilf-life for the sake of time - know that it is grave to go to Nindar unprepared.

Enjoy it. :biglaugh:

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Re: the RP Anatomy of your race

Postby Hivelord » Sun 10 May, 2009 20:04

Race- The Dark
planet of origin-Shadow wrap
skeleton- an exoskeleton that resembles coiled black robes covers thier bodies completly except for thier mouths this exoskeleton is highly resistant to kinetic weapons such as bullets.
Breathing- The Dark do not need to breath and so can survive for a limited period of time in the airless environment of space
lifespan- the dark are immortal unless destroyed by high intensity radiocative exposure for a long period of time or being destroyed by laser weapons.
feeding- the dark use up thier stored energy and so periodicaly must feed on the heat energy of others or the ambient heat in the ultraviolet rays.
note- for the dark to use up all thier stored energy takes a considerable amount of time.

high amounts of Radiation weakens them considerably and they are vulnerable to laser based weapons.
Structure- a head taller than a human as well as swathed completely in black robes that cover it from head to toe. similar body structure to a human only without much in hte way of feature other than a mouth

Abilities- in material form they have significant pyschic powers provided there is no bright light. the touch of a Dark drains heat energy and so kills the one that is touched.
also the Dark consume the bodily fluid and brain matterof those they fight. these parts are considered delicacies. the consumption of the brain matter gives the Dark access to the knowledge stored within the brain

Culture- The Dark are by nature reclusive but can be found in groups up to several hundred in periodic gatherings or at war.

weapons- the main weapons used by the Dark weapons that transferr the stored energy of the Dark into the target causing an overload on the enemies body systems. these weapons are called darkcasters.

Note- the most powerful weapon of the Dark is the Shroud a machine which emits darkmatter and other low intensity particles this weapon when deployed converts the atmospere of a planet into a swirling vortex of low energy particles which has the effect of blocking the radiation that many beings depend on and that damages the Dark.
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Re: the RP Anatomy of your race

Postby SamuraiPizzaGuy » Wed 13 May, 2009 00:56

The Strykdra League:

Cell structure: Plant-like
Vetabrate: no
Body structure: Flat-bodied similar to the bat
Head: none
Limbs: 2 arm/wings, and 2 legs
Height: 9-15' tall
Sensory organs: small "taste" buds cover the body of the Vadkel allowing it to "taste" what is around it.
Mouth/digestion system: none uses photosynthesis
Reproduction: airborn spores released by the Vadkel at their "mating cycle" intermingle and land on the nearby rocks or hard surface and form an egg. After 2 months the eggs open and small child Vadkel are released.
Enviromental needs: Volcanic areas, They need lots of heat to keep their "sap" circulating.
Tech specialty: Electromagnetic
Language: Non-verbal it is instead pheramones released.

Strykda League Government:
3 branches:
Congregation(Legislative branch)
Peace Keepers(Judiciary branch)
Royal Family(Monarchal Executive branch)

It has lasted a long time and has been found to be a very stable government with very little drama.

It has a very weak military and yet the government seat planet Mycstcer has been considered one of the safest planets to visit if you can stand the heat.

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Re: the RP Anatomy of your race

Postby Guilty Spark » Tue 26 May, 2009 15:37

[OOC]This my first time posting so any advice is welcome.[/OOC]

The Brotherhood

Brief history- The Brotherhood are a race devoted to scientific pursuits. This of course means they are very technologically advanced. However physically they are weak and not the greatest warriors. As such they are reliant on the other species on their planet, The Caste, for military protection. The Caste are physically stronger and faster and view their relationship with The Brotherhood as a means of gaining access to superior weapons.

Homeworld- Sanctuary IV. A large earthly moon in orbit over a gas giant.

Anatomy/Appearance- The Brotherhood: Physically frail The Brotherhood are humanoid and extremely thin and skeletal. They have a greenish blue tinge to their skin, with 3 large, red eyes and a small mouth being the only features on their faces. Their heads themselves are larger than most species due to thier large brain span.

The Caste: The Caste are more muscular than The Brotherhood, however their physical abilitys lie more in athletics than brute strength. This makes them highly adept at recon and guerrilla warfare. The Caste have dark blue/black skin with pure white eyes. They have a short snout on their face and small spines running down thier back. They have a slightly hunched posture.

Senses- The Caste have more developed senses than The Brotherhood who tend to rely on technology for such things.

Culture- There is a large divide between The Brotherhood and The Caste. The Brotherhood view The Caste as being brash and overly aggressive while The Caste see the Brotherhood as weak and complacent. As such they rarely see eye to eye. However The Brotherhood generally hands diploomatic affairs and leaves the Caste to their Military Duties.


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