Who has more Chromosomes?

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Who has more Chromosomes?

People in ASAE
People who steal the ASAE tag because xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Total votes: 5
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Who has more Chromosomes?

Postby FrostyGoblin » Thu 12 Oct, 2017 15:28


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Re: Who has more Chromosomes?

Postby SICON » Thu 12 Oct, 2017 15:42

Yes! To answer your poll, anyway...

Technically it was Guild #4 that "stole" the tag. But there's no such thing as a cross-server claim on a guild name, guild tag, or player name, so this whole discussion is both ridiculous and comical all at the same time!

SeWi and Co. just can't stand that his guild is not the highest in membership for once.

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Re: Who has more Chromosomes?

Postby Logans Run » Sat 14 Oct, 2017 23:27

^ +1

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