What is SICON doing?

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What is SICON doing?

Postby Logans Run » Sat 14 Oct, 2017 23:23

So i woke this mornin and thought on it.

Now ive been in asae before. Usually it was quick. I liked to start an anarchy protest and get kicked fast. Its fun..and ive only done it twice under diff names.

So even if i like sewi..and i do. (As a person who tries..etc) i dont like being told
The first rule is there are no more rules
Then being told to spread out and turtle. Or face kick.

Sicon is tring to change that to "really play how you want."
Anyways, im not IN his guild..dont know how it is going but sounds like a great pursuit becausezzz

You can "actually" help newbs along to be strong players who can then join the pro guilds.

So yeah..hats off Sicon. ; )

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