The deafening [NøiSe]

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The deafening [NøiSe]

Postby the one and only RA » Sat 28 Oct, 2017 06:22

This thread is being posted to discuss the amazing awesomeness of [NøiSe] and our allies. Praise and encouragement is appreciated, insults and derision accepted. Plus, I'm bored and this forum is as dead as my great grandmother.


Go blow stuff up.

My posts represent the views of every member of leadership in every guild of every server. Except Ceti. Screw those guys.
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Re: The deafening [NøiSe]

Postby Fateless » Sat 28 Oct, 2017 14:38

:mrgreen: Now, just place some fighters and build some defenses in case the mods come...

Mods, please, this is only a joke i could not stop myself from writing... :shifty: :shifty:

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