Looking for a good guild

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Looking for a good guild

Postby RuazRulz » Fri 02 Feb, 2018 13:19

I just started playing again after being gone for a long time. I started off playing in Alpha when Alpha was the only server, i was in one of the top guilds there. Looking to join one of the top guilds here or one of there allied or training guild (if you have one) to start off with if needed until i lvl up. I am in Galaxy 27. Thank You

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Re: Looking for a good guild

Postby One Lazy Titan » Sat 03 Feb, 2018 23:04

yeah sorry to tell you there are no guilds who can accept you in k27 so you are on your own , the small guilds were killed off by BMF and now are living as outcasts , and theres ASAE if you dont want to fight people

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Re: Looking for a good guild

Postby The_General » Sun 04 Feb, 2018 16:26

Message Vienna.

If he is feeling kind, he may take you in.

Modern servers are different to Alpha so the guild structures also tend to differ.

I would however recommend you rejoin Alpha as there is plenty of fun to be had over there.

Finally, I know you are obviously looking to be in a guild however you can have just as much fun being unguilded and attacking everyone and being a lone wolf.

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