Need a clan in K21

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Need a clan in K21

Postby Shell_V » Sun 17 Dec, 2017 23:43

Hi played Astro Empires before several times, always deleted my account since guild was not active. Hope it will be active this time. So, looking for a clan. I'm located at K21. So I'm not new. The graphics new, but the game is the same, hope to find some team members.

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Logans Run
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Re: Need a clan in K21

Postby Logans Run » Mon 18 Dec, 2017 01:56

Jro will eat you in 21. Try teens or lowers.

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Re: Need a clan in K21

Postby Fateless » Mon 18 Dec, 2017 04:51

hey contact me ingame :)

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Re: Need a clan in K21

Postby JigokuShoujo » Wed 20 Dec, 2017 18:11

Fateless wrote:hey contact me ingame :)

don't do it. is setup.

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