cheaters and underhanded tactics killed this game

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Re: cheaters and underhanded tactics killed this game

Postby AbeTeddy » Wed 06 Jun, 2018 06:47

Cheating is worse than saying the n word apparently

I may also not be sober right now

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Re: cheaters and underhanded tactics killed this game

Postby SEWI » Tue 12 Jun, 2018 16:01

I am sure the isue is the meaning of the word...

Cheating is not restricted to doing illegal stuff....

Cheating can be perfectly legal however morally condemable by some or most.

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Re: cheaters and underhanded tactics killed this game

Postby Richelieu » Tue 12 Jun, 2018 17:26

I had said previously, ENOUGH with the cheating comments.

If you have cause to believe someone is cheating, then report it in-game, not bring it to the forum. Even Logan's Run managed to make that connection, "Quit crying here about it. Report it"..

9.1 - If you consider a player is cheating in the game or is harassing you in any way, please do not make a public post about it, contact our game support instead using our Support Center.

This topic is now LOCKED.

So, just to stop the possibility of someone starting up a new thread (or continuing in a pre-existing thread) and doing the whole trolling/flame thing on another post, allow me to educate you to the spam rules..

Flaming, trolling and ranting
4 - Flaming, flame baiting, trolling, and ranting are prohibited.
4.1 - Flaming is expressing anger at someone in an uncouth or highly insulting manner.
4.2 - Flame baiting are posts that are made with the aim of angering someone indirectly.
4.3 – Forum users should not be trolling/harassing others on the forums. Anyone found trolling players from topic to topic, etc., will be subject to a warning.
4.4 - A rant is a post which is long-winded, redundant and filled with angry, non-constructive comments. Ranting in this manner is prohibited

This means, since we now have this locked thread - and someone starts up new comments elsewhere on this same subject, lemonz can become yours..and this can lead to an eventual time out in the naughty corner...

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That being said, read the forum rules !!!

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