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Coordinates filter

Postby Ikari » Tue 18 Oct, 2011 13:07

Hi guys,

As I'm sure you are aware up until now our censorship filter has automatically filtered ingame coordinates. It is against the rules to post coordinates on the forums,
Combat reports and coordinates
18.1 - No posting of game coordinates. This is most important and any posts of this kind will be immediately edited.
18.2 – Attempts to by-pass the coordinates filter is strictly prohibited.
18.3 - Game Battle Report topics and replies with locations will be deleted, no matter how valid the post reason may be. Therefore remove the location coordinates before posting it.
As a side effect of our recent upgrade to the forums software our filter can no longer filter coordinates, this means that if you post coordinates they will appear unfiltered. We wanted to make you guys aware that you would need to censor your own coordinates as the rules are still in affect and posting base coordinates will lead to being given a warning by a moderator. After this announcement ignorance will no longer be an excuse so be sure to self censor!

If you have any questions, please direct them to me via PM.

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