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Astro Legends in Crowdfunding

Posted: Wed 15 Feb, 2017 16:30
by Wizard
We have just launched the crowdfunding campaign for Astro Legends.

Astro Legends it's an original game combining the combat action of classic arcade games with the free movement and customization of modern MMO RPG games.

Explore the galaxy, discover distant worlds, collect precious resources, trade goods, complete missions, buy new ships of different classes, customize them with different weapons and equipment, and personalize their visual look!

If you love space games, MMOs and shooters, Astro Legends fits all those themes!

By backing the game, not only will you help improving it, but you can also get great rewards, like having the opportunity to play the closed Alpha and Beta versions.

Visit the Astro Legends Crowdfunding page

UPDATE: The crowdfunding campaign was suspended.