Clarification regarding account transfering

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Clarification regarding account transfering

Postby Xaman » Fri 15 Feb, 2008 04:04

Dear users,

There has been some confusion regarding one of our most recent rules in the Terms of Use. Specifically the one that says game accounts are personal and nontransferable.

To clear any doubts, we would like to state that this rule does not imply that we will take disciplinary action against people who transfered their account(s) to someone else or against those who took control of an existing account.

This rule is meant to protect the game, not to hurt the players. This rule is to be used mainly for situations, for example, where a player sells/gives his account to someone else and later on that account is suspended due to violations done before the transaction or violations done by previous owners in other situations non related to this particular account, or in situations where the original owner reclaims the account back.

So basically this rule is to warn the players of the risk and possible consequences of acquiring an existing account from someone else, not to say we'll start a witch hunt and punish everyone who has done it.

I'd like to add that we haven't punished one single player for "account transaction", if someone is suspended it's for more serious and different reasons, such as cheating, hacking, insulting, etc... However when someone tries to defend himself saying it wasn't him, but the previous owner who did the violations, that's when this rule comes in.

Basically if you acquire an existing account, you risk suffering the penalties if one of the persons who has used that account in the past violates or has violated our rules. You also risk that the original owner comes back to reclaim his account back. We will always side with the original owner of an account in case of a dispute, so be very careful about this.

To finish, we decided to change this rule a bit, in order to make it more clear and less susceptible to various interpretations. The rule now clearly states that we will not take disciplinary action if an account is transfered, but we won't recognize any new owners for that account. Here's the new rule:

"Game accounts are personal and nontransferable. If the control of an account is transfered to another person, no disciplinary action will be taken, but Astro Empires will not recognize it as a different owner. Announcing your interest in the sale or purchase of a game account using any means of communication provided by Astro Empires is strictly forbidden."

We hope this clears all the confusion around this rule.

P.S.: Advertising the sale or purchase of a game account is however susceptible of disciplinary action. Just to clarify.

Astro Empires Administration
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