Recruitment: Looking for Language Translators

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Recruitment: Looking for Language Translators

Postby Ikari » Thu 26 Feb, 2009 02:05

Dear users,

We currently have openings for the position of language translator for the Astro Empires game interface. We're searching for translators for the following languages. Please note, if a team is full you can still apply to be a reserve translator.

- Bulgarian
- Chinese (simplified)
- Croation
- Czech
- Estonian
- Farsi
- Finnish
- German
- Greek
- Hebrew
- Hindi
- Indonesian
- Japanese
- Korean
- Latvian
- Lithuanian
- Macedonian
- Malay
- Romanian
- Russian
- Serbian
- Slovak
- Slovene
- Tagalog
- Thai
- Turkish

What do we expect from a Translator:
- Rational and polite person with common sense
- A native speaker of the language you are applying to translate
- Good level of written English
- Able to work in a small team of other translators reporting directly to the game administration
- Experience translating is a plus, but no essential

This work is completely voluntary, so don't expect any type of remuneration. If you want to do it for the money, this is not the job for you, I'm sorry.

If you feel you comply with the above requirements and are willing to become a language translator for Astro Empires, please fill out this form:

This is not something we will decide immediately, so don't expect a quick reply, although I will do my best to reply to everyone who applies.

Applications which do not provide all the information we requested or are sent through PM or other means of communication will be DISREGARDED. If you receive no reply, most likely you didn't send the application the way we asked.

Thank you.

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