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Waynes OOC

Postby atom man » Thu 07 Dec, 2017 15:44

now I am going to get motivated, thought the simple instruction of troll me or zip it till I was finished would suffice.
I will not budge and if i get 30days constantly so be it, but let it live I had 2k views in 6 weeks, 90% of views coming from people who know what I am about, one of the best current role plays based on views, Freddy even trolls my plight with the Mods in Gibberish or New Platform, my personal role play of music and how it will affect us all because of the way it is used by me in my goal of getting my warped Narrative explained.... Gentle expansion or Hostile takeover

Mods yes to you it may seem like useless junk, to some they could learn to relate to my warped view of the world, and in real life I am role playing this Wayne theme.

I almost always get the links up and verified, then the thread is deleted or moved before I can finish it, and if i never finish or polish it, especially with my dysfunction it takes longer than usual.

@ 2k views, it did not happen that random people looked 2000 times, more like 125 ten times.....
and if i have my own threads, keeps me out of everyone else`s where i tend to make even less sense....

this is for the Mods will edit it out after awhile, need to go do some reading on how to properly OOC....
part of the role play for everyone was for people to have their own impression of the music first, also an instruction of the original thread.

why do mods, keep breaking forum rules I am trying hard to follow,like all RP criteria... even waited to start an OOC, till i had more of the story mapped out and half of the 779 pages of OOC read...
I follow the rules, if we rule. :eh:

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