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Postby Wlerin » Wed 13 Dec, 2017 04:26

Uncle Ben wrote:Sum eckshwal noose: ya hurd it herre furst: https://www.rt.com/business/412546-chin ... rd-dollar/
>Russian Propaganda News

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Col. Caulker
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Postby Col. Caulker » Sat 16 Dec, 2017 07:15

despite not being easily shocked, i'm definitely surprised that this place has amassed even more pillow-biting fgts over the years than Tinder.

and that porksword-swallowing semen repository RabidParot is still here, lolz

Are you Army Strong, bishes?
I'm not quite sure how unicellular ciliate protozoa is intended to be insulting.
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Postby winkie_man » Tue 29 May, 2018 21:49

I once ate some precum of a wild goat only to provide enough sustenance to get the closest macdonalds when my car ran out of gas. Alas i didnt make it but a friendly homeless person provided me some tinned viennas and brown bread he was going to eat. I greadily ate it all before taking one of his shoes to wear as a hat as the harsh sun beat down on my brow. I dont claim to be a tough guy that other men look up to with envy but some how i look back and its actually quite apparent.

He was the oldest child ever born, being age 13 at birth.

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