*ehem* hey Modder Frackenzee..

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Logans Run
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*ehem* hey Modder Frackenzee..

Postby Logans Run » Mon 20 Aug, 2018 22:38

..Deutsch? Or do i need to go to the German section?

So the other week i was messin with profile or control panel..somewhereidk, and i saw some kind of:
"Lemon level [1] or something like that.

So..how close was i to KD? Close like..Ben-lvl close or kinda-sorta "ok we'll watch him but really it's just Rich the itch just hassling Logan." (Who is the only lemon issuer to Logan anyways)
Inquiring minds n all that. Point is..i dont see it now.
So..does it like..go to lvl [3] b4 KD.
Need to know my wiggle-room.

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Re: *ehem* hey Modder Frackenzee..

Postby Themis » Tue 21 Aug, 2018 02:56

Lemons go off just like real life. After 30 days they expire. When you have 3 the system bans you for 30 days. You get unbanned when the first lemon expires, although you may need to log out and log back in to clear it.
It’s all automated, apart from the actual lemoning.
In the old days lemons showed up on your profile and the dastardly post. Now they don’t, so it’s hardly fun anymore.
Can’t believe you don’t know this, so it’s basically a public service announcement for new folks. The ones that aren’t old folks in a new wrapper.

Ooh looky... Forum Rules ... read them!
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Re: *ehem* hey Modder Frackenzee..

Postby ViG90 » Tue 21 Aug, 2018 03:46

Yeah this new format took all the fun out of the lemon party all of had going back in the day

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