Coming to a theater near you..

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Logans Run
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Coming to a theater near you..

Postby Logans Run » Thu 08 Nov, 2018 06:08

From the Oscar winning Quentin Tarantino's movie, "Lib Bisches are Fugly"


Tarantino brings you the action-packed drama:
"Toddler Killers of America, First Blood"


Aww isn't she cute? How could you possibly say no when she wants a .357 Mag for Christmas?

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Col. Caulker
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Re: Coming to a theater near you..

Postby Col. Caulker » Mon 12 Nov, 2018 05:36

this is beautiful. However, her daddy needs to tell his little princess to keep her booger hooker off the bang switch unless she's ready to send some AY RAB to Paradise.

Are you Army Strong, bishes?
I'm not quite sure how unicellular ciliate protozoa is intended to be insulting.

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