--> READ ME BEFORE YOU POST! (Trash Talk Official Rules) <--

Forum for trash talk, flaming, spam and any non relevant discussion. Basically you can talk about anything you want as long as you don't resort to insults or offenses. This forum has a low moderation level so enter at your own risk!
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--> READ ME BEFORE YOU POST! (Trash Talk Official Rules) <--

Postby Ranger Smith » Thu 12 Feb, 2009 21:58

Trash Talk is the repository for threads from the rest of the forum that have degenerated into spamming or flaming. It is also the home of a small community of users that are here specifically to flame/spam.

There are very few rules in Trash Talk. Enter and read at your own risk, post at your own peril. You may find the content within to be explicit, insulting, or otherwise offensive - that's why it's here!

You have been warned! :twisted:

The following rules may be regarded as the modified version that applies to Trash Talk, and ONLY Trash Talk. All other areas of the forum are subject to the rules linked in my signature. Most of the rules below exist simply because it effects the other forums too, like your avatar/signature.

Rule Violations
If you see a post that violates these rules, use the report button. Until you have reported a post, it is improper to contact the forum staff - you will be told to make a report.

Warnings, suspensions and bans
0.1 – Warnings can be given for any violation of the guidelines listed in this document. Warnings are active for 30 days.
0.2 – A user with 3 or more active warnings shall be automatically suspended until enough warnings expire to put them at or below two active warnings.
0.3 – Suspensions can be given immediately if the moderator deems the offense serious enough.
0.4 – Continual violation of the rules and extremely serious violations will result in a permanent ban on the user's forum account and may lead to a ban or suspension of the users game account as well.

Inappropriate content
1.1 - Inappropriate content will be removed without notice.
1.2 – Inappropriate content may include but is not limited to: The posting of pornography, nudity or partial nudity, threatening; providing links to sites that contain any of the aforementioned.
1.3 - Posts with the sole purpose of advertising other games, companies or products are completely forbidden. Such posts shall be immediately removed and the poster banned from the forum.
1.4 - Images that express swearing barred by the forum profanity filter shall be removed, and a warning issued.

Don't be creepy
2.1 – Forum users should not be stalking/harassing others on the forums. Anyone found stalking players from topic to topic, etc., will be subject to a warning.
2.2 - Any member who threatens anyone on the forum, via a post or a private message (PM), will be banned immediately without notice.
2.3 - Do not post any pictures or personal information (including, but not limited to, phone numbers, addresses, and real names) of any other person without their express and explicit permission, with the exception of quoting or reposting information or pictures that the user they depict or describe posted themselves on this forum.

3.1 – The forum has a system in place to mask profanity. For this reason using partial masking (such as asterisks or punctuation marks) to bypass the profanity filter is prohibited.

Public accusations and exploits
4.1 - If you consider a player is cheating in the game or is harassing you in any way, please do not make a public post about it, contact our game support instead using our Support Center.
4.2 - Exploits should be reported directly to the game staff using our Support Center (select the Bugs Department). You can, however, report game bugs in the appropriate forum.

Multiple accounts and impersonation
5.1 – Forum users are only permitted one forum account. Additional accounts shall be banned without notice and the primary account warned or banned as well. If, for whatever reason you need your account name changed contact ‘Ikari’.
5.2 – Creation of a new account for the purpose of by-passing a suspension / ban is prohibited. The second account shall be banned and the primary accounts suspension extended. Further offences could lead to ingame action
5.3 - Impersonating another forum user, moderator, volunteer, administrator, is strictly prohibited. You are expressly forbidden from impersonating anyone else, including those named above or their forum avatars and tags, on the forum or in the game, even in jest.

Avatars and Signatures
6.1 - Avatars and signatures must adhere to the ‘Inappropriate content’ guidelines listed above. Avatars or signatures which do not shall be removed without notice.
6.2 – Quoting or referring to an admin or moderator in your signature is strictly prohibited.
6.3 – Signature images may not exceed the following limits,
>>>>* Maximum height: 140 pixels
>>>>* Maximum width: 400 pixels
>>>>* Maximum file size: 35Kb
6.4 – Excessive amounts of text or signatures which waste screen space shall be removed.

Moderator judgment and challenging warnings / suspensions
7.1 – Warnings, suspensions and bans are not to be discussed on the forum. Such matters shall remain private between Astro Empires and the user.
7.2 - All members must respect the judgment of admins and moderators. They are the authority in this forum and they will take any necessary action to keep order.
7.3 – If you do not understand or feel you have been warned / suspended unfairly message the moderator who issued the warning. Do so respectfully though, insults will not be tolerated.
7.4 – After messaging the moderator if still feel you have been warned / suspended incorrectly you may take your case to an admin. To do so please contact the administration through our Support Center (select the Forum Department).

The Report Feature
8.1 – Posts you feel violate the rules as listed should be reported via the report feature on each post. Reporting posts alerts a moderator to the post.
8.2 - The report feature is not be used as a weapon, abuse of the report feature may incur on a warning and/or suspension.
8.3 - Reporting posts that clearly do not violate the rules of TT (for example, reporting a post for spam) will incur a warning and/or suspension.

Other Languages
9 - Do not post in languages other than English unless it is both A) short and B) a translation is provided alongside it.

Created on 18/02/2009: Modified rules posted
Modified on 3/3/2011: 0.2 modified, 0.3 removed, 2.3 added, 8.3 added.
Modified on 2/23/2012: 9 added.

Notice: Ignore this notice

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Re: --> READ ME BEFORE YOU POST! (Trash Talk Official Rules) <--

Postby Hammurabi » Thu 03 Mar, 2011 22:09

Updated. Please read the entire thread to refamiliarize yourself with the rules, in addition to the modifications made.


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