BETA Server now dead

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Re: BETA Server now dead

Postby ViG90 » Wed 30 Jan, 2013 02:24

DD-aftershock wrote:
Suiseiseki wrote:Aren't you the guy who consistently left fleet sitting on our old blob locations, only avoiding rape by some sort of space miracle? I would have derbed you too, and spammed your inbox wih tranny porn afterward. <3
i was not that person i moved fleet and was involved in Hits as per request on the FAIL Blob in december and lost all my fleet then and as per the move request i did so and still got derbed if you have proof of my logs showing that i did not move as per request then show me if not "suck it up Butter Cup" and grow a pair and dont piss me off
so you got derbed after you moved at the new LZ? why would they derb you for that? or was it that you got derbed cuz you did not move on the old LZ...hmm? how would logs prove anything? lol either you "fail"ed to move haha or just moved too late one time to many. keep posting!! :P

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