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Postby Grimm1 » Mon 10 Mar, 2014 05:06

Wring em out, hang 'em up.
Your gorillas spent one day with us, trapped in a cage with us.
They came back tamed as *beep*, dangerous as chained up pups.
I let that thing go buck 'til my wrist sprained and my finger cut.
Your hostile crowd don't mean a thing to us.
It aint strange when I hit that angel dust, get my anger up..
Turn Juggernaut, your frame gets crushed.
Shots point blank range, BANG their *beep*.
The souls flyin', I'm still firin'... Even their guardian angels duck!

Thank you all for the fun. its been great fighting with yall.
Now lets hope this server doesent die off like ceti.
peace out

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Postby Ka-Z » Mon 10 Mar, 2014 05:34

That was an ugly fight, by all accounts. The final charge was bold and decisive. Well done. :clap:

The fate of this server is up to you guys.

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Postby acaos » Sat 22 Mar, 2014 08:18

This is my bro

(rndm fail dude)^

This is his party
He's the guest of honouurrr
Today is his birthday
I will never forget this day
The day I came to 25 and fought 1 million fail gooks
I love the lil commie basserds, I really do
These enemy grunts are as hard as slant eyed drill instructors
These are great days we're livin bros
We are jolly green giants traversing tuga space... with guns
These people we wasted here today... are the finest human beings we will ever know
After we rotate back to the lowers, we're gonna miss not having anyone around worth shootin

ĄςâøŞ - translated for special character impaired: acaos, pronounced: a-chaos (no relation... err wait, n/m heh)
Լâѕ╄ Şøή σf [LOI]/GM of [L€Z] and now [CHAOS] err [GODS] or [Voltron] or w/e heh
For clarity's sake: right side of the brain - Dow, left side - acaos, cerebellum - jjc

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