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Top X for Beta

Postby Death Smurf » Sat 15 Mar, 2014 02:07

Top X in Beta

In 2011, I compiled a “Top X in Ceti” which listed the highest prod cap ratings on the server at the time. It also listed who has the highest androids; nanite; orbital, etc – all friendly e-peen between the players. The prod cap rating also serves as a guide to demonstrate the averages that a player should be looking at for number of bases – so it becomes quite a useful tool in developing servers.

So after a couple of years in Beta (in a ‘grandfathered’ account), I thought – why not do a Top X of Beta?

This is what I said for Ceti


However, since we have just had a server crash on Beta – I will accept actual BR’s (not battlepaste reports) of large fleets (ie: for entry into highest number of frigates; death stars, etc) category..

For existing bases with a high facility, I require the base coordinates for verification and what category you are entering it for. I will send a scout to verify, and it will be clearly marked (TopXinBeta). Once verified, I’ll withdraw the scout. If it’s shot down twice, I’ll discard your entry.

The scout isn’t there to map fleets; just to verify your statement; and my ‘credentials’ is the fact I’ve done this before for Ceti.

The completion on the whole is more for an epeen basis, and friendly rivalries. Nothing more, nothing less.

The entry for prod cap rating MUST be in this format. It makes it easier for me to copy and paste..[center]

Name: 0000 (0000) / Level / Cybernetics Level / Number of bases[/center]

A duplicate message of this post will be sent to ALL GM's who have more than 4 people in a guild; then they can post it for themselves.


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Re: Top X for Beta

Postby Corinthian » Sun 16 Mar, 2014 00:22

Don't everyone rush at once :)

I have a JG19 with a logicom 20 on it. Same size as TIE got to. Been done before though so not really deserving. Get back to me next year.

Am pretty sure you already know where it is.

I had 164 DS until recently, but I'm pretty sure you know what happened to them :D

Good luck with your project.

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