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Tutorial Rewards

Posted: Mon 30 Jun, 2014 11:57
by Wizard
To some of the tutorial missions, will be added credits rewards.

Mission - Credits reward:

Technologies - 5 cred.
Base Defenses - 10 cred.
Stellar Drive - 15 cred.
Command Centers - 20 cred.
Combat Fleets - 50 cred.

Total: 100 cred.

- Give an incentive to new players keep playing on the first hours/days.
- Give some extra credits to balance the recent increases in the base construction capacity.
- Compensate new players that follow the tutorial, as it is not the most efficient path, but is good to learn the basics.

This will be implemented during the next days.

Note: This don't apply to the speed server.

Re: Tutorial Rewards

Posted: Wed 02 Jul, 2014 11:28
by Wizard