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Trade Tools

Posted: Sat 19 May, 2018 16:56
by Wizard
2 tools will be introduced to help players find trade partners.

Public list of bases requesting trade routes

- In the Base/Trade screen will be add an option to add your base (during 48 hours) to a list of bases that are requesting for trade routes.
- You can see there the public list of bases of others players available to trade with.

Guild's Trade Report

- In the Reports will have a report of guild's bases with empty trade routes
- As others reports this will be only available to upgraded players
- To see this list of bases is need to have the "+" permission on the guild [Removed with the new update]

- If the other player cancel a trade route request, the player that started the trade route will get all the credits spent to set the trade route instead of 75%

This features will be introduced soon.

Re: Trade Tools

Posted: Sun 20 May, 2018 15:46
by Wizard

Re: Trade Tools

Posted: Tue 22 May, 2018 13:04
by Wizard
Based in the feedback we have changed that to access to the Guild's Trade Report is no longer need to have the "+" permission.