Ceti past present and future

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Ceti past present and future

Postby Box » Mon 06 Oct, 2014 04:00

so with the demise of kris ceti guilds are in full swing to see what happens next.

ASG saying kris has approved the hit on DT, DT still in denial trusting kris but this is all here say.

I'm gonna break it down to who benefits from kris downfall....

everyone knows heiho is inactive, the only real power they have is ASG and DT...

I would think DT having their blind faith in kris would leave them in a disadvantage if his account was deleted since they apparently live to serve him giving all the post they had screen shotted from their boards.

ASG in my eyes would live to have the biggest advantage since they been gunning for DT since their fail cup d'etat those many years ago, so is fitting to take advantage of the situation, but I don't blame them. If I new I could take out our only potential obstacle to take over this sever I would do it, heiho is inactive excluding a few high accounts, I would take in heiho and the rest of ASG friends and take out the 3rd power block, ASG and their allies excluding heiho after DT's fall could easily take over ceti and pick heiho apart.


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Re: Ceti past present and future

Postby daddystu » Mon 06 Oct, 2014 09:48

Interesting post and likely accurate to a point but I think you underestimate the number of Heiho actives... and the average fleet such actives have at their disposal.

A big war would also have the by-product of stirring into activity those who maybe at slumber currently.

The mere size of Heiho at present still makes it by far the most dominant force on the server regardless of current activity levels. As obviously any guild gunning for them would have to expend fleet on their inactives also. Thats not even taking into account their many allies.

I'm of course assuming DT and ASG dont form up an alliance (LOL)

As for DT / ASG tensions yes everyone knows they've been pretty unfriendly towards each other for a while. However as things stand the SU still exists. Until Kris dissolves it, drops a guild or guilds abrogate the status quo will likely remain. However long it is until one of those alternatives come to pass is a matter often discussed.... usually by the defeated.

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