T&G: Welcome To AE!

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T&G: Welcome To AE!

Postby Faithless » Mon 13 Jun, 2011 12:06

Welcome to astro empires, Emperor, this guide is to help you make the most of your AE account, it is to be both fun and educational for your trip around the AEverse. Lets start with an overview of the tabs and what they do;

Base Tab
This tab shows you the location of your bases, it also tell you that bases economy and if it's being occupied (explained later) how much of your econ the occupier is getting. It also contains a comment button, for which you can type down "need more econ" for example as a note to yourself.

Code: Select all

Base            Location             Occupier         Economy                      Comments                                                            
Base: Example	Loc: BXX:XX:XX:XX	Occupier: [GUILD] User   Econ:   190 / 198 	    Comments: "Need Econ" Edit
That's what your average base tab would look like.


This is the map of the universe in Astro Empires. Yellow squares are your bases, and blue circles are your fleet, you will see little grid squares, clicking these will bring you to a region, in regions there are little dots with numbers, Clicking these will bring you to systems, and then from there, to planets. If you want to move fleet you need to have the base coordinate by using the above method and then when looking at the planet bookmarking or copy and pasting the coordinate (explained later on).
A * tells you if debris is on a planet, in term credits that you collect with a ship called a recycler. The more *s there is the more debris (or derbs they are known as) there is there. White circles represent your fleet, yellow represent neutral (or enemies) fleet, and green is your guilds fleet.


When you have fleet it appears in the fleet tab, in this tab we have;

Code: Select all

Fleet       Location        Destination       Arrival      Size     Comment
Fleet is the fleet name, clicking the fleet name and move will allow you to move the fleet, to do this you click the move tab after clicking the fleet name, pasting the coordinate (What you learned earlier) selecting the units to move, and clicking move. fighters, bombers, ion bombers and heavy bombers need "hanger" units such as frigates to transport them). Location tells you the of the
astro your on or you left. Destination tells you which astro your landing on, and arrival tells you when your due to land. The fleet size is made up by how much you spent building your fleet. And then you learned about the comment option.

Empire contains many tabs, if the tabs are maroonish orange it means you need to be upgraded to see them, otherwise you should be able to see it okay. Scanner subtab tells you of incoming fleet, yours and other players, technology tab tells you how much of a bonus (explained later) you have on your tech and your tech level. Units tells you about your units power, defense, how many credits you spent on that unit, how many of it you have, and what units and defenses you have unlocked. Trade tells you if your trade routes are active, how much econ your getting from them, how far away they are, and who they with. Economy is pretty much the same as the base tab, except at the end it tells you how many bases YOU can occupy, how many you have occupied, how long since you pillaged the base, and how much econ your getting from pillaging the bases. Fleets is a straight foward tab, it tells you what units your fleet on a planet is made up of. Structures is the same as the fleet tab except it tells you how many of a certain structure is on that base. Production tab is like a smaller scale tab of your production page on your base, it is handy for mass production. Events (main tab) tells you whats going on on your bases, ie construction, production research Capacities tab tells you how much credits you can construct something in an hour, its hard to explain but lets say your production capacity is 500, and you are building fleet costing 1000 credits, it will take 2hrs as you can build 500 credits worth of fleet on that base per hour, same applies for research and construction. Commanders decreases the time it takes to to this.

These are handy, they decrease/increase certain traits on were they are assigned, the higher their training, the better they operate.

You can join a guild by going on to its page and clicking and request to join it, and it is up to someone to let you in, or you can make and manage your own guild. Guilds often have rules to follow which make the game more fun to play with, when your in a guild you cannot attack fellow guild members and you can chat on the guild board.

You can write anything and everything in it.

Very handy for keeping track of bases you wanted to send fleet to, it saves the coord on the fleet movement screen also.

Code: Select all

Server:	Beta
Player ID:	101836
Nick:	Faithless
Account Type:	Upgraded
Upgrade Expire:	16 Sep 2011, 18:40:00
Empire Income:	
Fleet Size:	
Combat Experience:	346,969/1,449,469

Cost of next base: 6,553,600 Credits (cost with discount: 6,553,598 Credits)
Discount on new base(s): 2 Credits

Bases; Total number of bases,
Fleets; Total fleet number
Level; Your account level and ranking
econ; How much credits you make
emipre income; how much your making while occupied or penalized
fleet size; size of your total fleet
tech; credits spent on tech
combat expirence; expirence from making attacks,

bases price doubles each time you buy a base.

Useful Guides
Your first attack fleet
Communication, guild and player
Fleet building guide
Fleet spec
7 days 10 bases
Second week, now what?

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Re: T&G: Welcome To AE!

Postby Aliens from Mars » Tue 14 Jun, 2011 07:14

It's good to see someone put time into explaining the basic UI, something that isn't as easy to understand as an experienced player might think.

On the other hand, most of the "useful guides" just teach players how to be farms, so I wouldn't include them in this UI guide.

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Re: T&G: Welcome To AE!

Postby CHERUB » Tue 21 Jun, 2011 04:26

I dont know hw u have been reading the guides, but the basic concept in them is good. The fleet spec ones r good, the empire building ones r very good. They've helped me in the past. Im not a farm lol

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Re: T&G: Welcome To AE!

Postby Wlerin » Tue 21 Jun, 2011 04:35

By all that's holy, stop linking to that fetid, piece-of-crap first week guide.

Use this one: viewtopic.php?f=39&t=63288" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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Re: T&G: Welcome To AE!

Postby blahblah » Wed 22 Jun, 2011 10:05

yes it is way passed the time they should scrap that 10 in 7 guide

I agree with viewtopic.php?f=39&t=63288" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
being a lot lot lot better

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