Queue prediction tool: one astro

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Queue prediction tool: one astro

Postby moonfish » Thu 24 Sep, 2009 20:39

I got tired of constantly having to count and recount my credits (and build times) to see whether or not I had enough to pay for my entire queue. So I set up a spreadsheet to do it for me.

RapidShare download link (old version, check later posts).

It needs to be tested for use with AI and Cybernetics, I've only been playing for a little more than a week so I have neither of those at my disposal for testing purposes.

A few things I'm planning to add at some point, but that don't seem all that important just yet:
  • Two fields need to be added: one for current time, one for current credits.
  • A more accurate way of determining the active jobs' remaining build times.
  • Right now, when a structure that gives +construction is in the queue, this is taken into consideration for all the following structures. Same thing has to be done for +research and +production (this requires the current time field and a more accurate way of determining the active jobs' remaining build times)
  • Multiple simultaneous Astros.
For anyone interested in the mechanics behind this: you have to unprotect the workbook and sheets first (Tools -> Protection). There's no password for these. There are three hidden sheets, and the 'planet data' and 'queue' sheets have hidden columns (respectively column D, and columns G through L).
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Re: Queue prediction tool: one astro

Postby Ikari » Fri 25 Sep, 2009 12:50

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