Debris Share Calculator 2.0

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Debris Share Calculator 2.0

Postby Warthog_PL » Thu 02 Sep, 2010 15:45

As my first project apppeared to be rather unuseful I'd like to present a completely new one.

Here it is :


.rar as an attachment

I'm not sure whether creating new topic won't be seen as some sort of spaming, but I thought it's ok as this one is completely new software.

Please reply only with constructive opinions about how can it be tweeked, fixed, what should be added etc.

As some of you claimed it might be a virus i added it to an archive so you can safely download it and scan for any potential threats.

Edit: If any of you is scared that i may steal your data (as some people claimed), don't.
Firstly You can simply check that DSC is not making any attempts to connect to Internet.
Secondly I'm not even playing on any server now, so it wouldn't be useful for me anyway :)
(14.7 KiB) Downloaded 220 times

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