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Gift Shop Stickers.

Postby Gladius Angelorum » Wed 22 Apr, 2009 08:35

Well, for one, I think a bit more variety than the one sticker is needed. And a smaller size would be nice too, at least half the current 10" x 3"

Ideas for more stickers:

The hyperlinked image on the top of the forums would make for a good addition to the stickers (add in the stars for a background image too).

The select a server screen image could work too (with out the download excerpt), I would prefer the first one though.

Possibly a square sticker such as this (without the white border or background)

Additional images could have images of the planets, possibly some from ED's graphics pack, as a background image... Possibly taking some actual ideas from the other sticker thread (I made a new one b/c that one was focused on slogans).

If you all really wanted to go all out, which I doubt would happen (not you all just the complexity of it), doing stickers bases on established guilds in Alpha, Beta, Ceti, Delta using their guild avatars with some type of AE text with it. Example, my own guild CoRM, is and will always be the oldest remaining guild in AE with an established avatar, it shouldn't be too hard, but, the customer basis would most likely be too small to justify it.

Also, a quick question, is the current sticker a white block with a design on it? Or is it a clear with a design on it? I would buy it if it were the second but I doubt that is the case.

NOTE: If an option for a sticker without the white background were made available, could the block portion of the logo (third image) have the slight fading effect remain so that it can be seen still on black surfaces? I am trying to decorate my laptop with stickers and I want an AE one, but I don't want it to be a white block.

Please post additional ideas if you all have any.

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Re: Gift Shop Stickers.

Postby Insanity Prawn » Wed 22 Apr, 2009 09:28

guild logo's may be copyrighted :paranoid:

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