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Emma Watson
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Postby Emma Watson » Tue 08 Sep, 2009 05:16

Keychains of planets, custom names, even ships.
most easy is a death star.
just make a small ball with a face on it. lol

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Re: keychains

Postby KOMPLEX » Tue 08 Sep, 2009 05:20

Keychains i like, custom names... I doubt it. Its far to costly to order 1 item of something than it is in bulk.

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Re: keychains

Postby Tomination » Tue 08 Sep, 2009 11:27

i dont think AE handle this, they just put their logo on another company's merchandise, meaning game specific stuff like ships wouldnt be possible

But when the new graphics designer completes some ship graphics maybe they will put those onto keyrings?

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