Delta is dead, all hail Delta.

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Re: Delta is dead, all hail Delta.

Postby Steven P » Thu 24 May, 2012 01:13

battleWill wrote:
Steven P wrote:
Face Rimmer wrote:From where you are sitting Mrs P I reckon delta looks pretty dead. On our side of the fence it is very much alive. It wont be long and we will finish off your pitiful guild. We played delta for over a year being the underdogs with AYAYA and SIM pulling the strings. Its your turn now, lets see if you can rise to the challenge or will you just roll over and yield.

Didn't you quit because your fleet got recall trapped? Ohhh yeah you did... We actually have plenty of fight left and I don't plan on quitting anytime soon. So take your weak attempt of an insult elsewhere because it seems all you nerds in GOMN are the only ones who are butt hurt. Take a page from your friends in FLEET and be a good sport.
If by having fight left in you you are referring to leaving ayaya and trying/joining CFF or getting rejected by FLEET then yep, lots of fight left in ya :)

I actually quit about a month ago but not sure who took over the acct. I checked forums because I heard AYAYA got them selves recall trapped.

Levis and DDoS attacks oh my...

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