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Postby Ruder » Fri 06 Apr, 2012 18:53

I know there is another thread open but I wanted to start one out fresh.

First I would like to thank Legacy, Bronson and Lord Yawg + the other leaders of AYAYACO for having the balls to try and contest our landing at the Wormhole. I think we all felt like it was time for the big fight and you guys made it happen. I fully expected us to all gather in D58, get close to each other and then surprise the enemy with an attack.

Secondly RE: Suicides. I spent some time talking to Legacy about this. I feel bad for Masterteam and what happened to him. While I was not involved with what happened I think it should be a lesson learned for everyone. Don't share your account information! And for gods sake don't keep other peoples account information in your account if your going to share your own information.

If you really want to complain about how the suicides were underhanded, changed the tide of the fight, etc, etc. Let me remind you. During the first blob crash attempt. The one where AYAYACO supposedly DDOS'ed the server. They suicided on our recycler fleets prior to the crash. And thought it was pretty funny then. And on this one they did it again. Neither sides hands are clean when it comes to the suicides. In the end I think AYAYACO and FLEETCO lost about the same amount in suicides during this crash. We just got lucky that it happened after we won.

So anyways - congratulations are due to the members of FLEET/GOMN, CFF, GRITS, NeM and SEALs. You came out of hibernation when it counted and stood fast. Well done!

Where does this leave Delta? I don't know but something tells me that the fight is not over. All I know is that I have a TON of simming to do!

War End 16,197,670,400 (-8,573,883,000)
War Start 24,771,553,400

War End 8,326,628,560 (-8,788,888,650)
War Start 17,115,517,210 66,597,343

To everyone that is thinking about quitting. Stick around. You still have friends in Delta.

As for how I did...

The good:

[FLEET] Chickin vs. [AYAYA] THRAWN LOLCAT losses: 24913370 / 66888000

The not so god:

[FLEET] Chickin vs. [AYAYA] Cmdr Flynn Chaos losses: 82104065 / 100657570
[FLEET] Chickin vs. [AYAYA] Cmdr Flynn Chaos losses: 10182400 / 23258005

The ugly:

[AYAYA] Lord Yawgmoth vs. [FLEET] Chickin losses: 10066100 / 18118980
[AYAYA] Krull vs. [FLEET] Chickin losses: 25000000 / 66666640

Fleet Destroyed: 225,869,675
Fleet Lost: 201,985,455

And then this:

Cats Goes Grrrr vs. [FLEET] Chickin losses: 600000 / 37975970


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Postby Silvertouch » Fri 06 Apr, 2012 22:15

Thanks for the great fight AYAYAco, was a blast!

Rebuild and come back! We did.. So may we meet on the battleground again! (or as friendlies, who knows :paranoid: )

Silver loves cookies :)
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Postby Createure » Sat 07 Apr, 2012 20:48

Ohhhhhhh ye... and not the last. 8-)

Hey blob crashes don't happen very often right? Not gonna lie, i'm normally on the losing side anyways... may as well flaunt it while I got it.

I did miss out a couple reports just to make it look sexiah tho tbh... were a few drops against me as I landed that weren't so fail as those other 2 initial hits on me.

Honeslty tho I'm not trying to troll. I do have respect for the AYAYAians who fought the good fight... I got total confidence that you will be back on your fleet in no time.

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